This contract; The lessee of the “VİLLA-APARTMENT” (hereinafter referred to as the “CLIENT”) and the lessor of the “VİLLA-APARTMENT” will hereinafter be referred to as “NOKTA VILLA”. The start and end dates between are made for the purpose of renting “VİLLA-APARTMENT” for a certain period of time. announced on the website “”

Customers and accompanying persons who make a reservation for any of our “Villas-Apartments” through our internet page or via telephone or e-mail are deemed to have accepted the following conditions in advance. Violation of any of the following conditions gives NOKTA VILLA the right to cancel the reservation unilaterally, to request the customer to leave the Villa-Apartment, not to refund the deposit received, deposit rent, and to demand the entire unpaid rent.


    • Pre-reservation can be made for our Villas-Apartments via the reservation form on our website or via telephone or e-mail. Your pre-rental process is carried out by specifying the dates you will rent our Villas-Apartments, which you want to rent, by obtaining the necessary transfer and invoice information from you.
    • NOKTA VILLA takes 35% of the total fee to be paid for the Villa-Apartment as a deposit payment after the pre-lease is made. If the deposit is paid within 1 (one) business day after the pre-rental is made, the Villa -Apartment is reserved and kept in your name.
    • You will be notified of the deposit amount you have to pay and our bank account numbers, also via e-mail, SMS or telephone. Payments can be made by Wire Transfer, EFT, Swift and Credit Card on the site within 1 (one) business day for the deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit, you will receive the RENTAL APPROVAL CERTIFICATE of the Villa
    • -Apartment in writing, within 1 working day at the latest.
    • Within the rental, the total fee, the deposit received, the dates on which the villa was rented in your name and the time of day of the deposit you deposited are reported. In the event that the deposit is not paid, NOKTA VILLA will be able to use its right to cancel the pre-reservation and receive another reservation for the Villa-Apartment without informing the customer.
    • Reservation cancellations must be notified to us firstly by phone and then by e-mail. After this notification is made, the dates you have booked will be opened for sale. You can use the amount you have paid for your reservation with a different date.
    • In cancellations made 60 days or more before the reservation date, 50% of the total amount of the prepayment will be deducted and the remaining portion will be refunded to the guest.
    • In cancellations made between 60-30 days before the reservation date, 70% of the total amount of the prepayment deposited will be deducted and the remaining portion will be refunded to the guest.
    • For cancellations made within 30 days or less of the reservation date, the total amount of the prepayment will not be refunded to the GUEST.
    • The remaining payment must be made at check-in. If you want to cancel your reservation between 30 and 15 days before your check-in date, 50% of the remaining payment amount will be charged to the guest.
    • If the reservation is canceled 14 days before the check-in date, or if the home is not checked in, the entire remaining payment amount is collected from the customer.
    • Wars in the country, natural disasters in the accommodation area, epidemics throughout the country will be concidered as force majeure.
    • Force majeure; In cases falling under the scope of (Funeral, Death, War, Health Problems Preventing Travel, Epidemics), NOKTA VILLA and the customer can mutually terminate this contract without any legal responsibility.
    • Reservation cancellations must be notified to NOKTA VILLA in writing via e-mail or fax. It is obligatory to be made in writing and notifications that are not made in writing will not be accepted.
    • If the customer leaves the Villa-Apartment early at his own request, no refund will be made to the customer for the accommodation fee.
    • As of 2020, a positive test result related to COVID 19, which is defined as a pandemic by WHO (World Health Organization), poses a risk by our guests and their 1st degree relatives, and causes CANCELLATION / DELAY.
    • First of all, by sending the COVID 19 test result and doctor’s report of the guest who will come to the facilities, the prepayment is 100% uninterrupted.
    • In groups and crowded families reservations, the cancellation of the family with a positive status is supported. If the guests wish, the holiday postponement is given priority after the risk period will be
    • For all our valuable guests who will come from abroad, in case of prohibition of departure / entry to Turkey within the country, the reservation of the guest can be suspended or canceled if he/she wishes.
    • If the test result of our overseas guests is positive, 100% refund of all payments is provided. If the guest wishes, he can postpone it to a later date, provided that it is within the same period.


    Issues that our guests should pay attention to;

    1. ENTRY TIME to the Villa-Apartment on the check in day of the reservation; THE EARLIEST IS 15.30. Guest; Cannot enter the Villa-Apartment before the specified time.
    2. Guests; NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for the problems caused by the inability to enter the Villa-Apartment in case of arrival before the specified time. However, homeowners can show initiative for early entry in their buildings, this initiative of homeowners depends on the early completion of cleaning, early delivery of the building.
    3. However, NOKTA VILLA does not guarantee early entry. At the end of the reservation, the EXIT TIME from the Villa-Apartment; THE LATEST IN THE MORNING IS 10:30.
    4. We strongly remind you that travel plans are made according to these hours so that both parties do not suffer. In case of early departure, NOKTA VILLA must be informed 24 hours in advance.
    5. NOKTA VİLLA Any Villa-Apartment that is not published on the web page does not belong to
    6. NOKTA VILLA does not guarantee a hundred percent invisibility for our customers who will stay in the villas specified on the web page and defined as conservative, fiduciary (villas whose pool is not visible from the outside). Regarding invisibility, customers have to ensure their own privacy. NOKTA VILLA accepts no responsibility for such problems. NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for such problems.
    7. NOKTA VILLA will not disclose personal information to any company or third parties within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) No. 6698, except as defined in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
    8. NOKTA VILLA never sells the personal information of visitors, registered users and partners to third parties. Personal information; means all kinds of information to identify the user, such as name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address.
    9. NOKTA VILLA takes the necessary measures to keep personal information strictly private and confidential, to consider it a confidentiality obligation, to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to prevent all or any part of confidential information from entering the public domain or unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party, and undertakes to show due diligence.
    10. Although NOKTA VILLA takes the necessary information security measures, NOKTA VILLA will not be liable if confidential information is damaged or in the hands of third parties as a result of attacks on the “” site and the system.
    11. It may give links to other sites within the site. does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and contents of the sites accessed via the link.
    12. detects and uses the IP addresses of users when necessary. IP addresses can also be used to identify users in a general way and to gather comprehensive demographic information.
    13. Our guests are authorized to use all the furniture of the house they rent from our company and they are responsible for using the furniture cleanly.
    14. During their stay, a security deposit of 1,000 TL will be taken at check-in. (this fee differs for each villa)
    15. Again, NOKTA VILLA, due to the fact that the Villa-Apartments-Apartments rented to the guest are delivered as furnished, the goods are broken, damaged, lost, etc. However, this security deposit will be returned to the customer in case of any damage to the goods, provided that the damage deposit is not missing after the inventory is counted at the customer’s exit. It is strongly reminded that these amounts should be prepared with you in cash on the day of entry to the Villa-Apart-Apartment, in order to prevent the unjust treatment that may occur due to the above-mentioned reasons.
    16. They should be understanding towards other neighbors around the residence and avoid any behavior and noise that may disturb them.
    17. The house should not be used for any illegal activity. (It is forbidden to keep illegal drugs, etc., weapons or other sharp tools, and to house/hide illegally wanted fugitives.)
    18. The guest is also responsible for possible accidents and damages that may occur due to his own fault in the rented house during the rental period, as well as assistance and other accompanying individuals.
    19. The prepayment of the reservation is accepted. It is devoid of false information about our guest.
    20. The number of people who will be accommodated should not exceed the number of people to be purchased or the number of people written in the document. If the number of people to stay at home has exceeded, it will be taken from the pieces consisting of many people or an extra 100 TL will be requested for the extra bed.
    21. NOKTA VILLA reserves the right to cancel your reservation in unforeseen situations such as in the regions where the holiday homes are located or in the houses themselves (problems in the plumbing equipment of the house, water or electricity cuts in the region, disasters such as earthquakes).
    22. In these and similar cases, NOKTA VILLA is obliged to return all the payment made to the guest.
    23. Depending on the guest’s wishes and grievances, NOKTA VILLA tries to offer alternative houses that are at least as rented. The guest can choose one of the alternative villas or villas or, if he wishes, can cancel the reservation completely and request a refund of all the payment he has made.
    24. The roads leading to the Villa-Apartment are bad, uphill, stabilized, wet ground etc. As such, NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible in cases where NOKTA VILLA cannot prevent it.
    25. Accidents etc. that may occur during transportation to the Villa-Apart-Apartment. In short, NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for any negativity.
    26. If different materials used in the construction of some villas (cedar wood, pine wood, some plastic products, all kinds of plants in the garden or inside the villa, etc.) disturb the customer in terms of health or psychology, NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for this incident.
    27. Our guests are responsible for their own Villa-Apart-Apartments. NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible.
    28. NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for the guests who have rented the Villa-Apartment if they are dissatisfied with its geographical location. NOKTA VILLA, the location of the Villa-Apart-Apartment; Marked as approximate via Google or Yandex Map.
    29. During the transportation to the Villa-Apart-Apartment, tar, glass breakage, tire burst, etc. that may occur due to damage to the private or rented vehicle, accident, road construction works of the municipality or highways or individuals. NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for all the negativities that may occur.
    30. The vehicles (engine, automobile, etc.) of the guests who have rented the Villa-Apartment are close to the ground, the vehicle’s engine power is weak, the customer; automobile, engine etc. Any negativity that may arise due to his inexperience in using it and accordingly not being able to reach the Villa-Apartment is the customer’s own responsibility. NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for such or similar problems.
    31. The “distance table” on the “” detail page about the Villa-Apartment is written approximately. Distances are not precisely specified. There may be minor errors. The guest who rents the Villa-Apartment agrees to take this into account.
    32. The “airport” specified in the “distance table” on the “” detail page about the Villa-Apartment is the closest airport to the Villa-Apart-Apartment. This is Dalaman, Bodrum, Sabiha Gökçen or Antalya etc. It could be the airport. You should ask the NOKTA VILLA official which airport is closer. Otherwise, NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for the problems caused by purchasing a flight ticket to the wrong or far airport.
    33. The distances specified in the distance table on the “” detail page for the Villa-Apartment are written taking into account the nearest restaurant, the nearest beach, the nearest settlement, the nearest public transport route and the nearest airport. NOKTA VILLA does not accept responsibility if the specified restaurant or market is closed.
    34. Such as drowning, falling, broken foot, broken arm etc. in the pool in the Villa-Apart-Apartment. NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for all accidents that may occur.
    35. Swimming temperatures of the villas; It may vary according to the weather and seasonal temperature. Our guests who rent the villa cannot hold NOKTA VILLA responsible for not being able to enter the pool due to the coldness of the pool and therefore not being able to use the pool.
    36. Personnel assigned for the pool; They clean the pool periodically every day between the hours of (02:00 at night – 10:00 in the morning). Between these hours, guest personnel will not be hindered.
    37. All of the villas have a hot water tank of approximately 160 liters, heated by solar energy. Guests are personally responsible for the problems caused by the lack of hot water due to excessive consumption of hot water, except for fair use, NOKTA VILLA is not responsible for the problems arising from this situation.
    38. No food, beverage, any food product etc. in any of the Villa-Apart-Apartments. not available. Our guests can get breakfast and dinner with rich varieties, OPEN BUFFET or takeaway service from the a la carte section to your Villa-Apartment for EXTRA CHARGE (half board) at ZEHRA RESTAURANT, which belongs to our hotel.
    39. NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for situations such as no mobile phone signal being received at all, low reception or no internet connection from the mobile phone, in Villa-Apart-Apartments or on the road. You can call your GSM operator and get detailed information about the GSM signal status in the area you are going to.
    40. By credit card or MAIL ORDER or EFT or money order or etc. Even if you pay in the form of a “confirmation e-mail” and “confirmation document”, absolutely, plane ticket, bus ticket, etc. Do not buy and do not take permission from your workplace. Even if you make the payment to NOKTA VILLA, if you do not receive a “confirmation mail” and a “confirmation document”, you will not be deemed to have rented the Villa-Apart-Apartment. NOKTA VILLA is not responsible for the material and moral damages that may arise from these and similar situations in which our guests act hastily.
    41. All accidents and incidents caused by the customer in the Villa-Apart-Apartment, fire, electricity leakage, tube leakage and death and accidents that may occur as a result, telephone and internet cut-offs caused by the internet provider (Türk Telekom etc.), power cuts caused by the Electricity Company, NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for the water cut caused by the Water Company.
    42. All the photos of our Villa-Apartments that we publish on our website are taken with a wide-angle lens. In addition, all our Villa-Apartments that we publish on our website are exactly the same, and we can see that they are not as they appear on the site, look better on the site, are larger or smaller on the site, etc. such excuses are never acceptable and NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for them.
    43. NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for any negativity that may arise from positive or negative natural events/conditions and positive or negative weather/conditions.
    44. Our guests; bee, scorpion, insect, snake bite, cat, dog bite and etc. NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for the events.
    45. Our guests who want to choose the HOUSING villas, which are called villas with an invisible pool from the outside, can be found on the detail page of the villa; “this villa is suitable for conservative families”, “the pool is not visible from the outside”, “ladies wearing hijab may prefer” etc. If there are no phrases, that villa is not a conservative villa. NOKTA VILLA is not responsible for the accusation of Nokta Villa by renting the villa without such phrases and saying “this villa is not a conservative villa” when he comes to the villa. We recommend that the guests who will rent the villa read all the details carefully.
    46. ​​Inside the Villa-Apartment or on the pool garden or pool terrace, ants or insects, etc., due to any food or garbage. The guest is personally responsible for the collection of animals or different animals, NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for this situation.
    47. All kinds of diseases, chlorine allergy, etc. that may occur due to the water coming from the swimming pool or shower of the Villa-Apart-Apartment. NOKTA VILLA cannot be held responsible for chemical allergies. We recommend that people with body sensitivity to health raft or chlorine do not enter the pool.
    48. All kinds of cattle, sheep and goats, chickens, partridges, etc. around the rented Villa-Apart-Apartment. Animal husbandry can be done, all kinds of fertilizers can be used in the garden of the rented Villa-Apart-Apartments or in the gardens of the neighboring Villa-Apart-Apartments, NOKTA VILLA is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for the disturbing animal sounds and bad smells that may arise from such events. The guest considers the possibility of encountering such situations.
    49. Third parties, Airborne Drone, etc. NOKTA VILLA is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for flying technological devices.
    50. If the guest has not checked in to the Villa-Apartment he has rented at the check-in date and time and has not informed in writing that he will enter Nokta Villa late. Nokta Villa waits 24 hours in such cases. If the guest still has not entered the villa at the end of 24 hours and has not stated his/her status in writing to Nokta Villa, Nokta Villa; He can find and rent a new guest to the Villa-Apart-Apartment. In this case, the guest who rents the villa first cannot claim any rights from Nokta Villa. The money deposited will not be refunded, even if he comes to the Villa, he cannot stay. NOKTA VILLA is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for the pecuniary and moral damages of the guests, their inability to stay in any place, staying out, and the inability to find a hotel, pension, rental villa, rental apartment, resulting from this situation. The guest who rents the Villa-Apartment is deemed to have accepted this.
    51. NOKTA VILLA website can send as many SMS and/or e-mails as they want, whenever they want, to every person who has made a reservation and/or filled out a reservation document with Nokta Villa on the website. All guests who have made a reservation and/or filled out the reservation form are deemed to have accepted this.
    52. The rental dates of the rented Villa-Apart-Apartment are definite and clear, it is not possible to make any date changes. The customer who will rent and/or rent the villa is deemed to have accepted this.

    All written and verbal information, by Nokta Villa Staff; Villa-Apart-Apartment owner, caretaker, cleaner, attendant etc. shall be deemed to have accepted/permitted to be given/shared. The customer is deemed to have accepted all responsibilities arising in this regard.

    1. Guest; If you have filled out a reservation-contact form to any Villa-Apart-Apartment, sent an SMS to any phone number of Nokta Villa, sent a message to the Whatsapp number, sent a message as an e-mail and/or made a definite reservation, the phone number / numbers, e-mail address, TC-Passport-Overseas identity number, names and surnames of the people who will stay in the Villa-Apart-Apartment, TC-Passport-Overseas identity numbers, address information, tax numbers, company/personal billing information, pre- the amount of payment, the remaining balance, the amount of the damage deposit, the amount of payment to be paid at the entrance to the Villa-Apartment, in short; given by the customer to Nokta Villa.


    1. The “City Center” section in the Distance Chart Section specified on the Villa detail page; It was written based on the central location of the closest settlement to the villa. The “City Center” referred to here can be a province, district, town, village or small settlement. The guest is deemed to have accepted all responsibilities arising in this regard.
    2. The guest must have all his belongings, equipment etc. within the first 24 hours of his/her entrance to the Villa-Apart-Apartment. should check everything, if damaged, faulty etc. If there are any, they should notify the villa owner / villa officer / our company verbally, in writing and with a photo. If there is a damaged / damaged item or material in the control to be made by the villa manager at the exit of the villa, this amount will be requested from the customer.
    3. Since our Villas-Apartments are located in nature, necessary pesticides are applied. However, in the surrounding area; butterflies, insects, flies, all kinds of reptiles, etc. Birds, butterflies, ants, spiders, flies, bees, insects, scorpions, snakes, cats, dogs, etc. that come from natural ways outside and / or in the garden of the Villa-Apart-Apartment. There may be animals such as, this is quite natural. Customer; If you see one or more of the animals mentioned outside, inside and / or in the garden of the villa and present it as if there is a problem, the request to leave the villa and ask for the money they have paid back is not accepted. Our guests who rent the Villa-Apartment are deemed to have accepted that these and similar events may occur.
    4. Animal, insect, plant or animal, insect, plant or animal, insect, written or spoken to you in the Rental Conditions and Agreement, Cancellation and Refund Conditions, in the description sections of the Villa-Apartment on our website, in e-mail, on the phone and/or in WhatsApp. and a few of the pest names. Nokta Villa does not have to write, specify and / or say the names of the animal kingdom and the whole plant kingdom, and this is naturally not possible. Our guests who rent the Villa-Apartment are deemed to have accepted this situation.
    5. In none of our Villa-Apartments, collective organization, wedding, engagement, birthday party, bachelorette party, celebration, collective entertainment, etc. In short, it is strictly forbidden to organize all kinds of collective parties, entertainment, meetings, and all kinds of organizations. Our guests who rent the Villa-Apartment are deemed to have accepted this situation.
    6. NOKTA VILLA, for its guests; He does not care for what purpose he rents the Villa-Apart-Apartment. For this reason, separation from the fiancee, wedding and / or marriage, etc. postponement of the date of organizations, accident or cancellation of leave of public personnel or private company personnel, etc. In such cases, all rental conditions are strictly valid and there is absolutely no cancellation.
    7. NOKTA VILLA can change the Rental Conditions and Agreement, Cancellation Conditions and Return Conditions at any time. Current Rental Conditions and Agreement, Cancellation Conditions and Return Conditions become effective on the date they are published on our Web Site.
    8. Guests will report their complaints to NOKTA VILLA during their stay at the Villa-Apart-Apartment. The situation that is the subject of the complaint will be examined by NOKTA VILLA officials and the necessary measures will be taken immediately. NOKTA VILLA will not be held responsible for the complaints that are not reported during the stay and that will be made after the stay and leaving the Villa-Apartments-Apartments.
    9. It is forbidden to bring pets to all our rental Villa-Apartments, except our Villa-Apart-Apartment, where pets are allowed. Otherwise, NOKTA VILLA is authorized to terminate the agreement unilaterally. It has the right to evict the customer from the house without any reimbursement. Smoking is prohibited in the closed areas of all our Villa-Apartments.
    10. Our guests have accepted all the conditions we have stated above, and this and etc. In the event that it tries to terminate the lease agreement by making excuses, NOKTA VILLA may use its right to terminate the contract unilaterally and to demand the contract price.
    11. The Tenant (Customer) has to read, understand and sign the “Villa-Apartment Rental Agreement” arranged by NOKTA VILLA at the entrance of the Villa-Apart-Apartment, otherwise; All the money paid to NOKTA VILLA before will not be returned to the customer and Villa-Apartment accommodation will not be made. (The rent will be terminated unilaterally by NOKTA VILLA). NOKTA VILLA will have the right to demand all the price in the contract. You can get a copy of the Villa-Apartment contract from the NOKTA VILLA official after mutual signatures.
    12. During the check-in of the Villas-Apartments between the dates of stay of our guests, the key is delivered to the guest after the necessary info and promotions are made by the NOKTA VILLA Representative.
    13. Our guests have to undertake their own security during their stay. NOKTA VILLA is not responsible for any security weakness that may occur in the Villa-Apart-Apartment.
    14. Fethiye Enforcement Offices and Courts are authorized for any disputes that may arise regarding the issues covered by this contract.

    68. Our guests who make a reservation in any of our Villas – Apartments  are deemed to have accepted all of the above conditions. Violation of any of these conditions gives rise to the right to cancel the reservations unilaterally, not to make any refunds and to demand the full price.