APARTMENT AND RESIDENCES Zehra Group Residence Apart is a unique option where you can enjoy modern and comfortable living. ZEHRA Make Your Life Comfortable
Make Your Life Comfortable: At Zehra Group Residence Apart, every detail has been designed for your comfort and convenience. Each apartment has a modern and stylish design, and is equipped with high-quality materials and fixtures. ZEHRA APARTMENTS & RESIDENCES
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kayapark d3 villa

Kaya Park D/3

Kaya Park D/3 is a meticulously furnished, fully furnished, fully furnished home-stay villa.


Between Nightly Rates

Economical Apartment

Nokta HİSAR Suit


Hisaronu is centrally located and offers a peaceful holiday in nature,


Between Nightly Rates

Luxury Apartment for rent

kayapark d4


This is a beautifully furnished 3+1 Luxury Apartment with a shared pool and affordable price.


Between Nightly Rates

Economic 3+1 Luxury Flat

apart otel

Conservative Apart & Residences

Apart Hotels and Residences, as comfortable as your home

Zehra Group offers a wide range of apart-hotel options, from single rooms to luxury penthouses. All aparthotels feature modern amenities such as on-site restaurants and bars, fitness centers, spas and more. For those looking for an extended stay, apartments offer comfortable living spaces with fully equipped kitchens and easy access to local attractions.

For larger groups or families, residences are also available, offering multiple bedrooms as well as common areas for entertaining guests.No matter what type of accommodation you are looking for, you can be sure that there is a place at Zehra Group to meet your needs. Their commitment to providing luxury accommodation with outstanding service sets them apart from other apartments and residences in Turkey and the Middle East. With all these impressive offerings, it’s no wonder why so many people choose Zehra Group when looking for a place to stay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Apart Hotel?

An Apart Hotel is a type of accommodation facility that provides short-term accommodation, typically for stays of less than one month.  The main feature that distinguishes Aparthotels from traditional hotels is that they offer individual apartment units with kitchen facilities and often other amenities such as laundry services and housekeeping. While the cost of staying in an Apart Hotel may be slightly higher than a regular hotel, the added convenience of having your own private space is well worth it. Zehra Group aparthotels are especially popular with travelers who want to stay in one place for multiple days or weeks, as it gives visitors more control over their schedule and activities. In addition, Zehra Group aparthotels are located close to many tourist attractions and places of interest, making them very convenient for sightseeing.

Important Information:

  • The aparthotel is in the form of an apartment.
  • Apart hotel rooms include all the amenities of a home.
  • It offers customers a fully furnished home environment.

How to Determine Apart Hotel Prices?

Apart hotel prices may vary depending on the date of accommodation, size of the room, location, level of service and time of booking.

  • Accommodation date and seasonal factors have an impact on prices. 
  • The size, equipment and location of the room may raise the price. 
  • Booking early can offer better prices.

What are Apart Hotel Rooms like?

Zehra Group apart hotel rooms are fully equipped apartments with all the amenities of a home. Usually, there are areas such as bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and terrace. In addition to accommodation, it also offers additional services such as free Wi-Fi, television, refrigerator, washing machine.

Important Information:

  • Apart hotel rooms are fully equipped apartments with all the amenities of a home
  • There is a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and terrace.
  • The accommodation will provide you with free Wi-Fi, television and a refrigerator.

How to Book an Apart Hotel?

Apart-hotel reservations can be made online or by phone.

  • Booking online is an easy and fast way. 
  • It is possible to make reservations through the apart-hotel website or online reservation systems. 
  • Booking by phone offers the chance for instant information and troubleshooting