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In Halal Tourism, Zehra Group Hotels & Villas brand with an innovative approach, without compromising its core values, with a guest and quality-oriented service approach where quality and smiling face meet; Our main goal is to introduce it to the Islamic world as a world hotel with innovations compatible with the halal concept.


In this direction, our organization;

  • Evaluating guest requests, suggestions and feedbacks from every source, integrating and providing a positive effect on our management system,
  • To reach our goals with all our employees and related parties who know our vision and mission,
  • By identifying risks and opportunities that affect internal and external issues related to quality management, hygiene and sanitation, food safety, guest satisfaction, environment, occupational health and safety, with all our employees; To realize our goals and objectives in accordance with legal and other regulations, Zehra Group Hotels & Villas service standards and national and international standards that we are responsible for,
  • We aim to be an organization that will set an example in the sector by bringing guest and employee satisfaction to the highest level.
  • To ensure guest satisfaction by providing effective and applicable solutions to guest demands, expectations and complaints,
  • To contribute to the protection and development of environmental values by preventing environmental pollution, without jeopardizing the existence and quality of resources that future generations will need,
  • To investigate the requests, expectations, complaints and needs of our guests, who are at the focal point of all the activities we carry out, and to plan the appropriate service,
  • Within the scope of our quality management, hygiene and sanitation and food safety activities, we always offer clean-healthy-safe halal products and services to our guests, away from physical, chemical and microbiological hazards, by conducting risk-based environment needs analysis in all our processes, and thus to maintain the public health with which we interact,
  • Complete application of the food safety management system in the chain from input purchasing to product presentation,
  • Working with the principle of zero accident on occupational health and safety, providing safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent injuries and health deterioration,
  • To ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information,
  • To continuously improve our management systems with the effective communication methods we have established with all our related parties, by providing the necessary conditions for the consultation and participation of all our employees and employee representatives
  • To establish a connection between the results by making the quality measurable, to set goals to ensure the continuous improvement of the system regarding the services provided, and to ensure the unity of the employees and the management,
  • To increase the competencies of our teammates in order to meet the requirements of the age with Effective Human Resources Management, to ensure efficiency in our business processes and to provide a pleasant working environment by meeting employee requests and expectations,
  • For the implementation of management systems standards in all service processes; to actively continue to receive training in a way that will increase the competence and awareness of the employees,
  • We undertake the systematic implementation of the structured continuous improvement process as a management strategy by measuring process performances and using analysis methods.


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