Privacy Commitment and Security Policy

OVACIK İNŞAAT EMLAK TURİZM A.Ş. does not give, share or use your personal information (name, surname, e-mail address, postal address, purchases, etc.) to any institution/person in any way. OVACIK CONSTRUCTION EMLAK TURİZM INC. It has a secure shopping certificate (SSL) for online shopping. OVACIK CONSTRUCTION EMLAK TURİZM INC. It never records the credit card information of its customers, does not request it by e-mail, and only uses it to query with the bank under the guarantee of a Digital Certificate while taking the order. Visitor or customer, to cancel membership-related transactions, please contact us from the Contact menu at the top of the page. Your request will be fulfilled instantly. These commitments are not a contract.

Credit Card Security

The security of your credit card is provided by SSL encryption technology. On the pages where you enter your credit card information, a lock icon appears at the bottom of your browser or in the address line, depending on the browser type you use. On the page where you enter your credit card information while making the payment, the internet address line turns into https. When you start the payment process, an encrypted connection is established between the customer’s computer and the bank, independent of our website, and any information you send through the browser is not OVACIK İNŞAAT EMLAK TURİZM AŞ. It is not visible to staff or third parties. Customer credit card information is never recorded on our site. Despite the misuse of credit cards, some precautions have been taken by our company. These measures are implemented for both your safety and ours.

128 bit SSL is used on our site. This means that from the moment you enter your credit card, your credit card information is encrypted and reaches the bank. It is possible and not possible for a third party to access this information. It is not possible to access your card information with the currently used SSL technology. You can send any questions about credit card security to us from the Contact menü.

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