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NOKTA GLOBAL, which started its business life in 1996 with its activities in the fields of construction and tourism, has a 25-year history; It has put together many successful investments and projects that have made a sound both in Turkiye and globally. Taking the leadership role in the field of construction and tourism in the Fethiye region, it serves as “Nokta Construction and Zehra Group Hotels & Villas”. It has radically changed the quality bar in its Construction and Tourism activities in Turkiye and Fethiye.

Nokta Global is a company that has made significant contributions to villa, residential, and commercial construction projects both domestically and internationally. In 2015, the company expanded into the tourism sector with a Helal Concept Tourism investment and opened the Zehra Hotel in the Fethiye Ölüdeniz Hisaronu area, offering a family-friendly-halal hotel concept within a 10,000 square meter pine forest. In 2019, the company took its individual villa rental service to the next level by converting the Zehra Villas Hotel, which consists of 65 detached villas, into a half-board buffet system, setting a precedent in the industry. In addition, in 2020, Nokta Global acquired the prestigious Ova Resort Hotel in Fethiye and transformed it into the Zehra Holiday Village, a halal-friendly-tourism concept. The company also obtained Kuleli Beach, one of the most beautiful bays in the region, and transformed it into the first halal-friendly-beach in Fethiye/Turkiye with separated areas for ladies and gentlemen.

Zehra Group Hotels & Villas offers a holiday opportunity that is intertwined with nature and the sea with another symbol; located within a 40,000 m² area in the forest, Zehra Kuleli Beach has designed areas where ladies can sunbathe and swim freely in the pine forests. While providing service with private lounge areas where you can have fun and spend time with your family, it also takes into account family values and privacy by offering separate areas for gentlemen and ladies. Being among the best in the region and the industry, Zehra Group Hotels & Villas maintains the family-friendly halal-friendly-hotel concept with its various open buffet, comfort that provides family room spaciousness even in standard rooms, and areas specially designated for children in family rooms.

Zehra Group Hotels & Villas offers a holiday opportunity where you can relax all year round in the SPA center with separated areas for ladies and gentlemen, Turkish bath, sauna room and massage rooms. Zehra Group Hotels & Villas, which aims to renew itself every year and increase the satisfaction of its guests, continues its infrastructure works to add new chains to its brand.


Zehra Group Hotels & Villas is a reflection of traditional Turkish-Islamic hospitality, organized by professionals. We aim to meet the expectations of our special and select group of guests by blending universal tourism values with local Anatolian values, and to create an exemplary brand in the Turkish Halal Tourism sector.

We aim to compete with the world by combining the natural beauties of Anatolia that can compete with the world, the tourism professionals raised in our country, and our traditional Islamic values, while at the same time aims to share all these beauties primarily with our people and the Muslim world in the best possible way. Our goal is also to ensure that our values are recognized and seen by all Muslim citizens and to become an exemplary brand in the Turkish Halal Tourism sector.


Zehra Group Hotels & Villas has adopted the slogan of becoming a universal, respected, and leading organization that empowers the Halal Tourism industry with its innovative approach and offers more to its valued guests as it shares. Providing exclusive services, friendly staff, and the philosophy of “each guest is special,” Zehra Group Hotels & Villas aims to brand itself internationally and envision itself as the world’s best Halal concept facility.


The goal is to contribute to Halal Universal Tourism by maximizing quality and efficiency in products and services for our valued guests within ethical values, understanding guest needs and expectations to the best of our ability, in accordance with Halal Universal quality standards and with a sense of social responsibility.

The alternative Halal tourism concept aims to offer a peaceful, happy, and secure vacation experience by embracing traditional Turkish-Islamic hospitality and the principle of unconditional guest satisfaction, without compromising on these values. The goal is to develop a sense of belonging between the guests and the host, while providing this experience.




As NOKTA GLOBAL, our goal is to develop innovative projects under sustainable business models that optimize our resources to meet market and customer needs in the areas we operate. To achieve this, we follow a structured organizational framework in all our activities, first gaining expertise in the subject matter and then implementing it. We strive to make rapid progress in all our business areas with courage and a focus on our goals, by planning ahead.

NOKTA GLOBAL remains committed to creating innovative projects in Construction, Real Estate, Halal Tourism Accommodation, Beach Operations with Halal Sensitivity, Foreign Trade, and other areas.


Zehra Group Hotels & Villas, as a quality policy within the scope of leisure and entertainment accommodation management;

  • While serving in the concept of Alternative Halal Tourism, it has adopted the principle of raising its quality above international standards and providing a perfect service to its guests.
  • It undertakes to make the quality measurable, to continuously improve the system, to set targets and to ensure the unity of its employees and management on this issue.
  • To train our employees to respect their guests’ beliefs and privacy, which is the reason for their preference,
  • While providing holiday services to its guests, to provide places where they can worship comfortably,
  • It has committed to prevent accidents that may occur by minimizing all risks that may endanger the health, life safety and occupational safety of its guests and personnel.



Zehra Group Hotels & Villas undertakes to protect human health by fully applying the hygiene rules in all food production, presentation and storage areas from the purchase of raw materials to the consumption of the produced food in the production and presentation processes of food and beverages within the scope of leisure and entertainment accommodation management;

  • To comply with the laws, regulations and guest conditions,
  • To increase the targets that determine the level of Food Safety by realizing it,
  • In order to ensure the continuous improvement of the processes, it will mutually share the acquired Food Safety experiences with suppliers, institutions and guests,
  • Organize the training activities needed for the understanding, adoption and implementation of the Food Safety Management System by the facility personnel and suppliers,
  • With the belief that “Food Safety is everyone’s right and everyone’s responsibility”.


Zehra Group Hotels & Villas, as the policy of Alternative Halal Tourism service;

  • Providing  its guests halal food and beverage service,
  • With the support and participation of all its employees,
  • Conscious of its social responsibility for sustainability, with an environmentally sensitive approach,
  • Using carefully selected inputs with our business partners,
  • To provide places where guests can comfortably perform their prayers,
  • To take measures to protect the privacy of our guests,
  • Compliance with existing applicable laws, regulations, legitimacy requirements and other conditions to which the hotel is subject,
  • To be committed to continuous improvement in processes that include halal conditions,
  • It undertakes to inform its personnel, subcontractors, suppliers and all other third parties about their halal management system responsibilities.
  • Implementing Quality and Food Safety systems and Halal requirements and continuously improving its effectiveness,
  • By ensuring that situations with halal risks will be eliminated and our products are produced in accordance with halal food safety,
  • By constantly reviewing all our processes from our suppliers to our consumers,
  • Aiming to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty,
  • By standing at an equal distance to all individuals and organizations within the framework of ethical principles,
  • In line with the expectations of current and potential guests in the domestic and foreign markets,
  • We see it as our duty to produce high quality, delicious, healthy and reliable products using advanced technologies in accordance with national and international Halal regulations with the awareness of guest-oriented work.


Zehra Group Hotels & Villas, in order to leave a clean world to future generations, within the framework of its social responsibility to protect and preserve our natural environment;

  • We comply with the published laws, regulations, legislation and regulations regarding the environment in force in our country, and we fulfill all the requirements on the basis of continuous improvement.
  • To be environmentally friendly by communicating and cooperating with the organizations and local governments in our field of activity in order to create a society that is sensitive to our environment,
  • Detailed questioning of the environmental effects of the products supplied with our environmentally friendly working system,
  • Our activities are to contribute to the professional development of the people living in our region and to contribute to social responsibility projects related to people in need,
  • Organizing and participating in events in order to raise awareness and awareness about the environment in our employees, guests and suppliers, and in the society in general,
  • To save money and manage waste by making conscious use of natural resources such as energy and water and by applying waste reduction techniques,
  • To reduce the factors that cause environmental pollution, to prevent pollution before it occurs,
  • To ensure unconditional and willing compliance with environmental regulations, laws, regulations and regulations,
  • To carry out studies to prevent all kinds of environmental pollution that may occur as a result of our activities,
  • All departments take environmental factors into account in their operations,
  • Carrying out activities based on recycling,
  • To share with the public all the activities we do in order to provide high quality service in our locations and to protect our environment.
  • It is committed to using local products as much as possible in our facility.





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