A stay full of non-alcoholic alternatives
You don't have to compromise your healthy lifestyle while on vacation. Alcohol-free hotels offer you the best option in this regard. ZEHRA HOTEL
Enjoy your vacation in alcohol-free hotels.
While maintaining your healthy lifestyle, many different activities and opportunities are also offered to spend a pleasant vacation. ALCOHOL-FREE HOTEL
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Alcohol Free Hotels


Zehra Hotel is an alcohol-free hotel located in the Fethiye district of Muğla. It attracts the attention of holidaymakers with its location only 4 km away from the world-famous Oludeniz Public Beach and its magnificent Mountain Babadağ view. The hotel offers a variety of room options, from standard rooms to suites. All rooms are designed in a modern and comfortable style.

The hotel offers a range of amenities including a restaurant, outdoor and indoor pools, a children’s pool, a spa, a game room, and a beach bar. Additionally, there is a mini club and animation programs available for families with children.

Zehra Hotel is an ideal option for those who want to have an alcohol-free holiday. The hotel does not serve alcoholic beverages. Instead, healthy drinks, juices and teas are preferred. Additionally, the restaurant also offers non-alcoholic halal food options. The hotel also offers many activities for holidaymakers to lead a healthy life.

Make Your Holiday Plan with Halal Friendly Hotels

Alcohol-free vacations are preferred by many holidaymakers. All-inclusive alcohol-free hotels cater to holidaymakers with a concept that aligns with a conservative lifestyle. Alcohol-free all-inclusive hotels aim to help travelers make the most of their vacations with a focus on healthy eating, sports, and activities.

Alcohol-free hotels are also quite suitable for families. Families can spend quality time together with their children during alcohol-free vacations. Hotel activities and kids’ clubs help children have fun while also facilitating their learning.

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Things to Do at Halal Friendly Hotels


Non-alcoholic all-inclusive hotels offer holidaymakers the opportunity to stay in an environment without alcoholic beverages. Activities in such hotels generally focus on nature, health and wellness. Holidaymakers can relax both physically and mentally thanks to the activities offered by the facilities.

Among these activities are bay tours, nature walks, trekking, bicycle tours, nature tours, bird watching and stargazing. These activities allow holidaymakers to be intertwined with nature and get away from stress.

At Zehra Group, we offer a variety of all-inclusive, alcohol-free hotels with many activity options that comply with Islamic rules. These activities are designed to be suitable for both children and adults. For example, beach activities, pool games, water sports, fitness centers, various tours, and many more options can make your vacation enjoyable.

Additionally, our hotels also feature spa centers and Turkish baths. Here, you can take some time for yourself and relax.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Alcohol-Free Hotels?

Halal-friendly-hotels are accommodations where alcoholic beverages are not served. Such hotels are often preferred in countries where Islamic administrations are widespread or in societies where some individuals, due to their religious beliefs, choose not to consume alcoholic beverages. Restaurants and bars in these lodging facilities typically offer non-alcoholic drinks, and in some hotels, alcoholic beverages may not be available in the rooms. Alcohol-free hotels also provide a family-friendly environment, offering spaces where children can have fun and participate in family activities. These hotels are often designed to be budget-friendly and tailored to meet the needs of their customers. However, it’s worth noting that in some larger hotels, certain bars and restaurants may serve alcoholic beverages, alongside designated alcohol-free areas.

Discounted Alcohol Free Hotels

Many people who want to have a holiday prefer a conservative place and choose alcohol-free hotels. Alcohol-free hotels are conveniently designed for those who do not want to consume alcohol beverages. At these hotels, guest can benefit from extra discounts when they book early. Those who want to have a conservative holiday can stay as they wish in the hotels that are included with a discount. Conservative hotels are among the places where families can easily spend their holidays. Alcohol-free hotels are hotels that offer an alcohol-free holiday experience and are preferred by many individuals.

Delicious and Halal Food Options in Alcohol-Free Hotels

As Zehra Group, we offer all-inclusive alcohol-free hotels with delicious meals certified with halal food certification. Throughout your holiday, you can explore different tastes and enjoy dishes prepared in accordance with halal rules. Additionally, delicious dishes selected from world cuisine are also served in Zehra Hotel and Zehra Holiday Village and Zehra Villas Restaurant.

What are the Hotel Deals without Alcohol?

Among the opportunities offered by alcohol-free hotels is the choice of a healthy holiday experience and accommodation. Alcohol-free hotels are particularly preferred today because they are seen as a safer and quieter holiday option by both families and young people. Accommodation options in alcohol-free hotels may include family rooms and villas with private pools. Additionally, activities, water sports, and alternative therapy options can make your stay more enjoyable.

What Does Alcohol-Free All Inclusive Hotels Mean?

Non-alcoholic all-inclusive hotels are an accommodation option where holidaymakers can receive unlimited food and beverage services and offer many different services, including room comfort, activities and entertainment services. However, it should be noted that in the non-alcoholic all-inclusive option, drinks are not included in the price, as is usually the case in other all-inclusive hotels.

Alcohol-free all-inclusive hotels are a highly preferred option, especially for families, and can also be chosen by couples and friend groups who do not consume alcohol. These hotels do not sell any alcohol, and typically, bringing alcohol is prohibited. Therefore, they are an ideal holiday choice for those following a healthy lifestyle and those who are against alcohol consumption. Additionally, these hotels aim to provide an enjoyable time for holidaymakers by offering a variety of activities and entertainment options.

Do Non-Alcoholic Hotels Offer Early Booking Deals?

As Zehra Group, we offer early booking discounts at our alcohol-free hotels. Since we target guests seeking tranquility and peace, early booking opportunities are more commonly available in these types of hotels. You can find detailed information about our hotels on the ‘Alcohol-Free Hotels’ page on our website and take advantage of the early booking offers. However, since each hotel may have different policies, ask for more info to “call center service”.

Some halal hotels also offer additional services such as assistance with headscarf styling and help in finding nearby prayer rooms. Islamic hotels typically have staff trained in Islamic-friendly hospitality practices and offer a higher level of service compared to traditional hotels. Similarly, conservative hotels operate based on Islamic teachings but may not adhere as strictly as Islamic hotels. Halal hotels are becoming increasingly popular among Muslim travelers who seek to stay in places that cater to their specific needs.

How to Make a Reservation?

The question “How to make a reservation” can easily be answered by making a reservation through our website or directly via our hotel’s online reservation system. Firstly, you need to select the service you wish to book, such as a hotel room or a flight ticket, by specifying your travel dates. Then, you can complete the reservation process by filling in all the required information accurately and completely. The most crucial aspects are choosing the correct dates and providing information that is not misleading.

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