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Our Precautions And Actions Regarding Covid 19 Hygiene

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We have taken the necessary precautions with our employees so that you can have a safe, peaceful and most importantly a healthy holiday. We would like to inform you about both the precautions we have taken and the rules to be followed for the new period.


In line with our quality policy, we have;

  • We are opening our facility on 1 MAY 2021 with CLEAN POOL CERTIFICATE.


Zehra Group Hotels, our facilities with a total of 80,000 square meters; It is a facility where you can easily adapt to the “social distance rules” often recommended by the Ministry of Health and Tourism, the abundance of pools in the beach, the width of the beach, the absence of an elevator, the fact that the rooms are made up of blocks and there are no closed corridors at the entrances of the rooms, the abundance of usage areas per person, the calmness of the region. We believe that we will have a safe, peaceful and healthy holiday period with these features of our facility, the dedication of our employees and our valued guests’ compliance with the rules we have determined.


In addition to the trainings we have given to our personnel, trainings on COVID-19 protection methods and transmission conditions have been provided and are regularly repeated.

  • Our employees have undergone a health screening during the first recruitment process, and fever measurements are made daily at the entrance and exit of the facility. Information was given to prevent the employees who do not feel well from coming to work.
  • The personnel shuttles used in the arrival and departure of work are disinfected before and after each service. It is mandatory to wear a protective mask inside the vehicles.
  • There are informative and guiding posters in the staff common areas. These areas have been rearranged according to the safe physical distance rule and disinfection units have been placed.
  • The physical structure and form of service in the personnel cafeterias were rearranged. Disposable service materials are included.
  • Our personnel lodging is designed according to the physical distance rule and no visitors are accepted from outside.
  • Personalized uniforms are changed frequently and their hygiene is ensured.
  • While our staff is working, they are wearing masks and/or visors, gloves, etc. use personal protective equipment.


Our general areas of use have been rearranged in accordance with the social distance rule, markings have been made by taking the necessary precautions, and information signs  have been hung. Extra disinfection processes are carried out for frequently touched surfaces.

In our facility, we work with companies that are internationally known for chemical cleaning products. Detailed trainings on the chemicals used are given to our relevant personnel by authorized companies.

As always, great attention is paid to the cleaning of constantly touched surfaces, door handles, handrails, sinks, faucets, urinals and toilet bowls in all public areas and toilets, and disinfection is carried out by the COVID-19 cleaning team after cleaning with the necessary chemicals.

Our personnel use masks and gloves during cleaning and disinfection processes.

There are hand disinfection units in our general spaces and at every point of need, and these are meticulously followed.

Common areas have been rearranged taking into account safe physical distances.

All general area ventilation systems are maintained and monitored. More emphasis is placed on natural ventilation.

Precautions to be followed regarding COVID-19 have been taken by our private businesses, and the follow-up and control is carried out regularly by the facility. (SPA Centres, Tour Services)


It is obligatory to wear a mask during the prayers to be performed with the congregation. Our male and female mosques are disinfected regularly.


Disposable cloths are used in the cleaning of our guest rooms.

Our working staff in housekeeping use masks and gloves. When moving to the cleaning of another room, the necessary materials are changed. The same conditions apply to all personnel entering the rooms.

Effective disinfectants, approved by the Ministry of Health, which are not harmful to health, are used in room cleaning. Surfaces such as door handles, batteries, TV and air conditioner controls, telephone and electric buttons are disinfected after each stay.

All paper/cardboard/mattress/leather materials have been removed, except for the bedspreads and decorative pillows in the rooms, and those that are legally required.

All textile materials come to our facility after being washed at high temperature and for sufficient time, in bags.

After the rooms are cleaned after each check-out, the rooms are disinfected and ventilated by the COVID-19 cleaning team.

The glasses in the room mini bars have been changed to disposable and new ones are placed after each guest leaves.

Air conditioner filters in the rooms are cleaned at regular intervals.

Room capacity usages are meticulously monitored and rooms are placed as infrequently as possible and after all cleaning and disinfection processes, our rooms are ventilated and no new guests are admitted for a certain period of time.

There are prayer rugs in our rooms. After each check-in, the prayer rugs are cleaned and disinfected, then packed and left in the room again.


According to the circular issued by the Ministry, guests are required to fill in the forms determined with disposable pens during check-in. Written information about the COVID-19 Hygiene Rules is prepared and given.

The rules of the Ministry of Interior Traffic Passenger Transportation circular are applied in the transfer vehicles that our guests will use on their arrival and departure to our facility. Vehicles are disinfected before and after each transfer. It is mandatory to wear a protective mask inside the vehicles.

After the luggage and belongings of our guests are disinfected, a bellboy service is provided upon request.

‘Bellboy’ cars are frequently disinfected.

Our guests are welcomed with non-contact fever measurement applications, disinfection mats and hand disinfection opportunities, and personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are provided to our guests upon request.

All entry and exit procedures have been rearranged in accordance with social distance rules, and safe waiting areas have been created. Distance markings are placed.

All our guests are informed about COVID-19 practices and precautions at the entrance.

The room door cards are prepared by disinfecting before the entrance, and the room cards of our departing guests are disinfected in different boxes.

All transactions that may require contact during check-in and check-out processes are strictly carried out within the framework of the safe physical distance rule and duly.


Hygiene and quality standards are applied for food production areas.

Cleaning and hygiene of all kinds of equipment, counters and storage areas used in our kitchen areas are done frequently.

Sterilization devices, necessary tools and equipment for hand and body hygiene are available in the kitchen areas.

Our kitchen staff work with protective masks, bonnets and gloves. Detailed trainings are provided on the rules to be followed.

Dirty equipment is washed in the dishwasher according to the established standards.

Thermal camera or contactless fire measurement applications are made at the entrance of the restaurant.

There are disinfection apparatuses and COVID-19 rules at the restaurant entrance and cafes.

All of our service personnel serve with personal protective equipment.

Markings reminding social distance have been applied to every point where there may be a wait in Bars and Restaurants.

Table and chair arrangements in bars and restaurants are arranged according to social distance.

Disinfected, packaged forks, spoons, knives, dessert spoons, forks and teaspoons will be used in all our restaurants. Disposable versions are preferred in all possible areas.

Tools such as self-service tea and beverage machines in our food & beverage departments have been removed or service is provided by our staff.

Food and beverages are served by our staff, with barriers set up to prevent contact with food in the open buffet.

Tables/stools/bistros/chairs in food & beverage areas are disinfected after each use. Disposable materials are used in cleaning processes.

Disposable products and materials are also preferred for dining tables.

All foods are stored under suitable conditions or covered.

Disposable salt, pepper and sugar will be available on the tables, while other spices will be available in the kiosks for single use.


Our pools have a Clean Pool Certificate approved by the Ministry of Health, and internal and external inspections are routinely carried out.

Pool cleaning is done in accordance with hygienic and legal conditions as always.

With automatic dosing applications, the adjustable chlorine level is kept between 1-3 PPM in all outdoor pools and between 1 and 1.5 PPM in indoor pools.

The sun loungers in the Aquapark, indoor pool, outdoor pool and beaches have been rearranged according to the safe physical distance rule.

All sun loungers and equipment are frequently disinfected.

The maximum number of users in the pools is determined according to the safe physical distance rule and the necessary controls are provided by the personnel.

Our animation and entertainment activities have been redesigned in a way that will not create crowds and density, and their usage areas have been arranged according to the social distance rule.

Open areas are preferred for animation activities.

Maximum number of participants is determined in animation daytime activities and a minimum distance of 1.5 m is applied.

The Turkish and Animation layout, where live music is made, has been arranged in such a way as to maintain a safe physical distance.


Usage capacities in sauna, Turkish bath and SPA areas are limited according to hygienic conditions and social distance practices. Hand sanitizer is available in designated areas.

Disposable disposable cleaning cloths and materials are used.

Disposable covers are placed on the beds in the massage rooms.

The therapist uses a mask during the massage. All of our personnel who perform the applications must comply with the rules we have determined to disinfect themselves before and after each application.

Disposable materials are used in beverage offerings.

Bouquet materials are for single use only.

All fields with specified intervals; Massage beds and especially the head section are disinfected after each use.

General places such as dressing rooms, showers, WC, wardrobes and keys, and all materials such as towels, bathrobes, loincloths are safely cleaned and disinfected.


Storage and storage conditions and production methods are carried out in extremely hygienic environments in our facility.

By measuring the temperature of the company officers who bring products to our facility; Masks and gloves are provided.

The personnel in charge at the goods acceptance stage accepts goods with their personal protective equipment in accordance with personal and Food Safety standards.

All materials supplied are accepted to our facility after necessary control and disinfection processes.

Circulars published by the relevant ministries are closely followed and we would like to remind you that there may be changes in the practices according to the process. For detailed information, you can get information from our reservation and guest relations departments by calling 0252 616 68 99.

In this process, our expectation from you will be to protect the health of both yourself and our other guests by completely following the precautions and rules we take. We sincerely believe that we can overcome these difficult days of our country and the world with mutual respect, love and solidarity, and we thank you, our esteemed guests, for your understanding in this matter.

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