Anasayfa 9 Genel 9 Cultural Dishes of Central Anatolia Region

Cultural Dishes of Central Anatolia Region

24 Jul, 2022


Beypazarı Casserole: The most important feature of the casserole, which has a history of 500 years and was prepared for the sultans in the Ottoman period, is that it is made from the meat of animals that can find their own food in nature.

Tamtak Tiridi: Tamtak Tiridi, which looks like a kind of kebab, creates a very delicious taste when the taste of fenugreek put in it is combined with a mixture of minced meat.

Beypazarı Kurusu: Beypazarı Kurusu, which is cooked by adding plenty of butter and cinnamon to the hardened dough, can be served especially with tea and optionally with cheese.

Orman Kebab: One of the most well-known dishes of Ankara, Ankara style forest kebab is made by roasting vegetables and cubed meat in a casserole after frying.



Meat Bread: Meat bread, which is the first food that comes to mind when Konya is mentioned, is made in many parts of Turkiye. But the meat bread made in Konya is very different from the one made in other provinces.

Mevlana Pastry: It is made by putting minced meat, parsley and stuffing between phyllo dough cut into triangles.

Arabaşı Soup: One of the traditional dishes of Konya, Arabaşı soup is made by cooking a whole chicken in a pot.

Tirit: The tirit dish, which you can see on special occasions in Konya, is prepared by cooking the meat in a casserole.

Sac Böregi (Pancake): The most important feature of the pastry, which is prepared by putting white cheese and spinach in thin phyllo dough, is that it is made by melting butter on it.



Kayseri Ravioli: Kayseri ravioli, which ranks first among the local dishes of Kayseri and is the most famous, is put into small opened ravioli, minced meat and sauce and sumac are added on it to get its original consistency and taste.

Kayseri Tiridi: Kayseri Tiridi, which is both the biggest and one of the best dishes in Kayseri, is made by crumbling chicken or meat pieces on the phyllo or bread lined on a tray and pouring sauce on it.

Braided Rice: Braided rice, the most visually appealing dish of Kayseri, is made by pouring the cooked pilaf into the dough on a tray shaped like a cage.

Sausage Meatballs: One of the famous tastes of Kayseri, sausage meatballs took the name of sausage meatballs because of the similar taste of sausage when various spices and fenugreek are added to the ground meat.

Pastrami: One of the first tastes that comes to mind after ravioli in Kayseri is pastrami. Pastrami made from beef is covered with fenugreek after some processing and is ready for consumption.

Lubrication: Another of Kayseri’s famous delicacies, lubrication is prepared by pouring minced meat with tomato sauce on the thinly rolled dough.



Çibörek: Çibörek, which was brought to Eskişehir by the Crimean Tatars, is one of Eskişehir’s best-known flavors, consisting of a mixture of onions, minced meat, dough and spices.

Poppy Pancake: Poppy pancake made in the Odunpazarı district of Eskişehir is one of the most popular foods for tourists coming to Odunpazarı.

Göceli Tarhana: Bir çeşit kırılmış buğday olan göce ile hazırlanan tarhana çorbası yeşil mercimek, nohut, yoğurt ve göce ile hazırlanıyor.

Mihalıççık Cherry: The most famous fruit of Eskişehir, Mihalıççık cherry, is exported to many regions, especially the British royal family.

Bitter Gıcı: Bitter Gıcı, which is one of the local dishes of Eskişehir, is a dish prepared from nettle leaves, stuffed and boiled.

Bit Bit Soup: Another local dish of Eskişehir, bit bit soup is made by combining bulgur meatballs boiled in water with pre-heated butter.



Peskutan Soup: It is a dish made by cooking yoghurt and split half, and is very often made in Sivas during the winter months.

Hingel: Hingel, a type of ravioli unique to Sivas, is made with potatoes or cheese.

Divriği Rice: It is made of pilaf, lamb, chickpeas and currants, which is unique to the Divriği district of Sivas.



Tuvalak: One of the most famous dishes of Kırıkkale region, Tuvalak is a rich, juicy dish containing both meat and bulgur.

Sızgıt: Sızgıt, a dish unique to Kırıkkale, is made by roasting small cuts of meat with tail fat.

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