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Dalyan – Köyceğiz

24 Jul, 2022

Dalyan, another resort town close to Fethiye, is a small cozy town. It is about 50 km from Fethiye, 25 km from the center of Dalaman and Dalaman Airport. The best and fun activity that guests who come to Dalyan on vacation can do is the Dalyan Boat Tour. Since Dalyan is a delta covered with waters, a boat trip gives you the opportunity to visit this unique delta. After that, a boat trip brings you to Iztuzu beach. Iztuzu Beach is one of the longest beaches in Turkiye with a length of about 5450 meters. It is a beach with a saltwater connection to the sea on one side and a freshwater connection to the Dalyan delta on the other. There are not many such beaches. That is why it is so popular with guests coming to Dalyan. In addition, Iztuzu Beach is located behind the spawning and breeding grounds of Caretta Caretta and is protected with special sensitivity. You can also go to Iztuzu Beach by full boats from the center of Dalyan.

Sülüngür Lake

This lake is located on the road to Iztuzu Beach. The lake attracts its visitors with its magnificent view. You can sit on the occasional benches along the lake and watch this unique view. Do not forget to take lots of photos.

Kargacik Bay

This bay is also a route on the way to Iztuzu beach. After reaching the village of Kargacik, you can reach this bay by about 3.5 – 4 km of dirt and stony road. Although the road is a little bumpy and dusty, believe me when you see the azure glassy sea water when you reach the bay, you will find that it is worth these obstacles. The water is so clean and clear that you can even see the fish 5 meters below.

Aşı Bay

This bay, which is about 20 minutes away from the center, is a stop for those looking for silence and peace. The bay is located between Fethiye Bay and Sarigerme Beach. The reason why it is calm and clean is that the road to the cove is stabilized, so transportation is a bit difficult. But if you want to spend some time away from the crowds, calm, clean and in touch with nature, this is the bay you want. There is also a small facility in this bay that offers you the opportunity to eat and drink. As an activity, you can do a boat tour and zipline in the bay.

Radar Peak View Point

One of the most beautiful spots on your trip to Dalyan and Ortaca is Radar Peak View Point. Transportation here is provided either by tours or by 4×4 off-road vehicles. It is almost impossible to get here with a normal vehicle because the road is very bad and steep. You can take lots of photos when you go here. You can see Dalyan Delta, Sülüngür Lake, Limestone Hills, Iztuzu Beach, Köyceğiz Lake and the magnificent view from a bird’s eye view.

köyceğiz Ekincik Koyu

Ekincik Bay

You can reach Ekincik Bay, which is within the borders of Köyceğiz, by decking through through the magnificent pine tree forests or by boat tours. There is also a small food and beverage facility in the bay, which is generally located between pine trees and olive trees. The bay, whose sea is a mixture of sand and pebbles, suddenly gets deeper. Visitors who do not know how to swim or know little should also take this information into account.

Caunos King Tombs

You can reach Kaunos King Tombs, which you can see from the center of Dalyan, by boat. The Kaunos King Tombs have a history of more than 2000 years and were built by the Kaunos. Today, there are still magnificent ruins. The Caunos believed that the higher the graves of people, the closer they would be to God. For this reason, the tombs of important people and kings were carved into the rocks. The most important and magnificent of the tombs here are the largest tomb and the six group rock tombs.

Carian Way

The Carian Way is known as an excellent walking route for those who do trekking. In addition, this road is the longest trekking route in Turkiye with a distance of 820 km. There are many untouched coves, villages with unique architecture and ancient cities on this road. The Carian Way starts from Dalyan, which is the starting route, and extends from Muğla and its surroundings to the Aegean, respectively. This route also includes the Gulf of Gökova. Finally, it ends in Datça and Bozburun Peninsulas. For trekking lovers, this walking path, where you go through Olive, Almond and Pine trees and touring ancient cities, promises a fascinating journey that takes you back to the past.

Sultaniye, Delibay and Gelgirme Thermal Springs are located in the region, which also attracts significant visitors. Sultaniye Thermal Spring is known as the 2nd largest thermal spring in the world. The most important feature of the spa is known to be healing with hot spring water and mud. It is known to be good for many rheumatic diseases, kidney and urinary tract disorders, mental fatigue, skin diseases, metabolism disorders and gynecological diseases. It has an important place in terms of Health Tourism. These thermal spas, whose water temperature rises to approximately 40 degrees, continue to provide healing.

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