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19 Sep, 2022


Datça, one of the best-known holiday destinations to visit in an average of three days, forms the westernmost tip of Muğla. The typical Mediterranean climate prevails in this region. Summers are dry, and hot but winters are warm and rainy. The best months for a visit to Datça are June and August and if you want a quiet holiday, you can also choose September and October.

At the beginning of the places to visit in Datça, you can choose the center of Datça. This place asserts the Aegean life with its stone houses, narrow streets, almond and olive trees. Buildings such as the house where our master poet Can Yücel once lived are also here. Can Yücel’s house has been converted into a museum today Can Yücel’s house, which is among the museums to visit in Datça, only accepts visitors at the Can Yücel Commemoration events dated August 12th.

Some of the stone houses in Old Datça serve as cafes and hostels. There are shopping places where souvenirs and many other needs can be met. As another place, Datça Harbor, located in the west of Uzunca Island, is in the bay. You can have a pleasant holiday by getting information from the agencies about the underwater beauties, windsurf and boat tours, which are worth seeing and bring the eye to different dimensions in the port.

Another beauty you can see is the Carian Way, which is Turkiye longest ancient walking path and takes its name from the Ancient Caria regions, and the Carian Way, which attracts attention with its natural beauties and cute towns you may encounter during the walk, has quite beautiful views.


Taşlık Beach: Taşlık beach is a mixture of pebbles and sand. The road to the beach is closed to traffic, so you can only walk there, there are cafes and restaurants where you can meet your needs. Next to Taşlık beach, you can visit the city park, which is the largest green area of Datça.

Aktur Beach: It is surrounded by pine forests. There is no facility on Aktur Beach since it has been taken into a national park status. You can spend a nice day here by doing many activities such as sailing, rafting and tracking.

Hayıtbükü Beach: It is one of the beautiful coves in the Mesudiye village of Datça, where green and blue embrace. After enjoying the sea, you can spend a magnificent evening at the restaurants on the beach with the sound of waves.

Ovabükü Beach: Ovabükü beach, one of the most famous beaches of Datça, is a hidden paradise with its charming hostels, houses with gardens and small restaurants. It is a beauty that must be discovered by those who spend time in.

Palamutbükü Beach: This place, which is twenty-five km away from the center of Datça, is a place preferred by those who want a calm and peaceful holiday. The number of visitors coming here is quite high. Those who come to Palamutbükü will be amazed by the cleanliness of the sea, beach and air.

Kargı Bay: Kargı Bay, which is three kilometers from the center of Datça, is one of the paradise bays of Datça. The fact that Kargı, surrounded by mountains, is closed to the north winds, ensures that the sea is calm and warmer in windy weather. You can swim in the sea, you can sunbathe on the beach.

Karaincir Beach: It is twenty minutes away from the center of Datça. Karaincir Beach, which has a shallow sea and a sandy beach, is a wonderful cove preferred by families with children and those who do not know how to swim. You can bring your own umbrella or rent it from businesses.

Kurubük Bay: Kurubük Bay, which is described as the paradise of Datça, dominates a magnificent nature. The first bay on the way from Ovabük is a frequented place for those who want to swim in a green area and a calm environment.

Aquarium Beach: It is close to the Mesudiye village of Datça. It is one of the most popular beaches of Karaburun. Do not forget to take your snorkel with you to explore the underwater world of this beach, which will fascinate you with its clear, blue water. It promises a perfect beach experience for those who can swim in it. There are options for eating, drinking and renting sunbeds in this bay, which is operated by the municipality.

Armutlu Su Cove: Armutlu Su Cove, which is frequently visited by blue cruise boats, is the first cove you will see on your way from Kargı Cove to İnceburun. The bay is located on the perfect diving spots of the Datça region. The bottom structure is indescribably beautiful with its colors and clarity. Everyone named this place as an aquarium because of its clear water, and Gökliman Bay is located next to it at the back. These two bays are separated by a piece of land.

Bencik Bay: Bencik Bay is located within the borders of Hisarönü, at the thinnest point of the Datça Peninsula, which separates Marmaris and Datça. It is a sheltered bay with its stony beach and blue waters. When you open the map, this is the place that appears as Rohan Dilek Turkish beach, but it is actually Bencik, that is, Bencik Liman. Dislice Island is located right across the bay. The bay that he mentioned about his occupation is also Bencik.


Kent park, located in the center of Datça, is one of the largest park areas. It was opened for public use in two thousand and three years. Kent Park, which is frequently visited by guests, is a great resting point to relieve tiredness. If you go to the park at sunset, you can enjoy a unique view.

Tekesuyu Cave: It is said that it takes its name from the cave where a goat comes out by drinking water during the dry days of summer. The cave is located at the beginning of the Alavaro road, which turns left after passing Aktur and Kurucabükü. You may have some difficulty seeing the cave because it is full of greenery. You may need it. You have to be careful because of the slipperiness while walking in the cave. It is a place that anyone interested in underground beauties like the cave can love.

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