18 Jan, 2023

Fethiye is one of the most preferred places by the guests who are looking for a conservative villa as an alternative holiday or a rental villa option for an amazing holiday. You can relax and relieve the stress of the whole year in the villas designed for you to spend your holiday in the best way possible in Fethiye.

Fethiye is one of the most beautiful and preferred places of Muğla. Welcoming its guests with the world-famous Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley and deep blue sea, Fethiye offers its guests a holiday opportunity where they can relax and relieve the stress of the whole year.


Experience a Comfortable Holiday with Rental Villas

If you want the comfort of a home when you go on holiday, if you are bored with the inadequate facilities of the hotels, the limited kitchens, the queues when buying food, and at the same time in crowded environments, we recommend you to spend your holiday by renting a villa as a different holiday experience.

Fethiye, as a rental villa, offers you a comfortable, calm and peaceful holiday with many different options and as if you were at home. Among these options, conservative families have not been forgotten. Sheltered villas are offered to people who live a conservative life among people who cannot swim in crowded environments due to their religious beliefs and cannot spend their holidays comfortably. If you want to have a peaceful holiday as a home atmosphere, it is highly recommended that renting a villa is the best choice. With more than one bedroom in the villas, its own common areas where you can spend time with its kitchen, and its private pool.


Rental Villa Prices

The point to be considered when renting a villa and determining the price is how many people will be accommodated and the requests of the person or persons to be accommodated. Not every villa can fully respond to your requests. In such cases, you can choose the villa that offers different options and offers the best facilities for you and your family. For example, there are villas with sheltered and garden walls, invisible from the outside, which are suitable for your family structure, as well as villa options with common use areas and a shared pool in the site. Another thing to consider when renting a villa is the location of the villa. The price of the villas can also vary according to their proximity to the center or the distance to the center.


Cleaning of Rental Villas

The rental villas that you have reserved for your holiday are cleaned in detail before you come to the villa and offered to your service, so that before you start using your villa, it fully reflects the comfort of your home in terms of both equipment and cleanliness. Since the rental villas are different from the hotel concept, the cleaning process takes longer and more detailed than the hotel rooms. Accordingly, the pools of the villas are cleaned regularly by the staff every day.


Villa Alternatives for Rent in Fethiye

Fethiye, which stands out with its nature and sea, offers its visitors a variety choices of villas for rent, both in the city center and with its villas located in touch with nature. In addition, there are sheltered villa options for conservative families.


Rental Villa Prices

Taking a vacation is the right of everyone who wants to get rid of a stressful life caused by the daily difficulties both in business life and in usual life. In this direction, companies are trying to offer their customers the most suitable holiday opportunity with affordable price ranges, with both hotel and rental villa prices. Firms respond to the reservation requests of all segments, from large families to conservative families, from people who want to make group reservations to those who want to make an individual holiday, with early reservation discounts and various campaigns. In this direction, we recommend that you contact the businesses you plan to spend your holiday with as soon as possible in order to take advantage of these offers and early booking discounts.

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