Fethiye Paspatur

23 Mar, 2023

It is one of the important sightseeing areas for bazaar trips among holiday planning. Fethiye bazaar is a place that is constantly preferred by local and foreign tourists coming to this region. Upon returning from vacation, individuals flock to the shops here to buy the most beautiful gifts for their loved ones and surprise their loved ones. There are shops selling souvenirs that offer opportunities with all kinds of varieties. It is possible to find a store with all kinds of interests and plenty of options. Where is it? How to get there? What to buy? Our article that will satisfy your curiosity answering questions such as continues below

Fethiye bazaar is also known as Paspatur bazaar. It is located between the marina and the bazaar street. You can easily provide transportation from everywhere with a wide range of transportation facilities. At a distance where you can go on foot. The origin of the name Paspatur carries the meaning of “Old Town” which will lead us to the old times. The general concept of decoration and stores, markets and shops are worthy of this name. Many places in the bazaar have cultural value. You are both shopping and going on a cultural trip in these historical streets. Imagine a bazaar where you can relieve your needs and stress.

Although it is open at all hours of the day and attracts a lot of attention in the morning, Fethiye bazaar attracts a lot of attention especially at night. This is one of the authentic and modern places to visit in Fethiye, which you can see and memorize during the day and which is different at night. Thanks to the nearby beach, you can take a short coastal walk followed by a bazaar stroll. It will be a good activity not only for shopping but also for examining and experiencing the old Greek architecture and expanding your horizons. There are also cafes and restaurants within the bazaar, which can be authentic and beautiful, fun or quiet. This is a good alternative if you want to find delicious presentations for dinner, wonderful fresh fish products with a wide menu concept, home cooking and delicious taste experiences.


What’s in Fethiye Bazaar?

There are different interesting and beautiful places in Paspatur, the most beautiful bazaar of Fethiye. It is very easy to find a place suitable for every individual’s taste where you can find all of them together in the categories of shopping, food and entertainment. For vacationers who have not been to the bazaar before, we have compiled a list of things in the area.

Shops in Fethiye bazaar:

  • Carpet Shops: Fethiye region has a very important status in terms of carpets. Hand-woven special carpets are sold here. Do not end your holiday without visiting the carpet shops where you will be undecided between the choices you can find different styles. You also have the opportunity to find antique carpets.
  • Rug Shops: Among the shops that tourists are most interested in are the places that sell rugs. There are many different models in these shops with special designs. There are affordable products as well as valuable rugs in these stores.
  • Turkish Delight Shops: It would be impossible to vacation in Turkiye and not buy Turkish delight. These shops with Turkish delights from every region offer incredible flavors. There are wonderful Turkish delight shops in Fethiye bazaar.
  • Jewelers: There are also special alternatives for those looking for gold and diamond souvenirs. There are stylish modern different products that you can choose as a gift to your loved ones or for yourself, Fethiye jewelers have developed themselves in this category and are at the forefront with different aesthetic models.
  • Leather Shops: Fethiye is a place that has reached a good level in leather production. These places, which are developing their own products, will offer you attractive options. The most beautiful models are also exhibited in the shops in the bazaar.
  • Restaurants: You can choose the restaurants in the bazaar to experience a feast of flavor with meat, chicken and fish menus. Menus with many different products will offer you incredible flavors. There are also special menus for vegetarians.
  • Cafes : To give a nice break to the holiday with coffee varieties, not only limited to coffee options, but each cafe has its own different options and there are nice businesses to chat with your loved ones in the evening.


History of Fethiye Paspatur Bazaar

Fethiye bazaar, also known as Paspatur, is a historical area. It is also known as ‘Old Town’. The origin of the name comes from French. Because in the 1800s, French people were working in the chrome mines in this region. If we talk about the oldest building in the bazaar, we can show the mosque built in 1791. In addition, the Ottoman bath built in 1891 stands today in all its splendor.

It is known that Greek people lived here for many years. They had to leave due to the war that broke out in the 1920s. After their departure, Turkish individuals started to use the empty shops. Today, carpets, rugs, leather and accessories are sold in these historical shops. Be sure to bring your camera with you before coming here. You may come across a wonderful pose or detail while walking through the historical streets. It is in your hands to immortalize that moment by capturing it. This address where you can have a good time with your loved ones is our recommendation.

Where is Fethiye Bazaar?

Fethiye bazaar is located within the borders of Muğla province. In terms of location, it is very close to the center, that is, it is between the marina and the bazaar street. You can get here on foot from the coastal road. Since it is a region closed to vehicle traffic, let us state that the best mode of transportation is walking. If you are in the center of Fethiye, you can be here within a maximum of 10 minutes on foot. If you are coming from outside the province, bus services are organized here from all provinces. Those who will provide transportation by plane can use Dalaman Airport. We can say that it is one of the most comfortable places in terms of transportation.

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