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Heart Of Central Asia Kyrgyzstan

17 Nov, 2022

Kyrgyzstan, located in the middle of Central Asia; It is also known as the Switzerland of Asia due to its geographical features. Surrounded by the Tian Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan manages to attract attention with its natural lakes, mountains and nature, and traditions and customs connected to its past.

The lands of Turks’ ancestors, the economy of Kyrgyzstan, one of the 7 Independent Turkish States, is based on animal husbandry and agriculture. The origin of 90% of the population is Turkish, and a significant part of them lives in the capital city of Bishkek, the center of the economy. Kyrgyz and Russian languages are spoken today in the country, which got rid of the sovereignty of Russia and gained its independence in 1991.


The religion of 75% of the people of Kyrgyzstan, which has a population of approximately 6.5 million, is Islam. The rest belong to Christian or other faiths. There is no dress code in the predominantly Muslim country. However, considering that in rural areas women dress a little more indoors, it is useful to be careful out of respect in these regions.

It is possible to see traces of nomadic life in some rural areas. Kyrgyz people who lead a nomadic life live in tents they call “bozüy”(grizzle home). During the day, the men take care of the animals, while the women do the housework and home cooking.

Apart from rural areas where you can see the traces of past lives, there are also modern cities in Kyrgyzstan. Cities such as Bishkek, Osh and Jalalabad are more crowded and active structure.



The festivals of this country are mostly aimed at keeping the ancestral culture and traditions alive. As in the past, people from different backgrounds meet at the festivals where men show their hunting and horse riding skills and women show their handcraft skills. These are the festivals that bring together the past culture of Kyrgyzstan with the present.


The purpose of this festival, where men display their hunting skills, is to hunt eagles. It is held in August every year.


Horses have an important place in the history and culture of Kyrgyzstan. Local delicacies are prepared in this festival, which consists of various games on horses in traditional clothes. It is held every year in July.


A local dessert, Sümölöku, is prepared every year on March 21. This local dessert, which takes a long time to make, symbolizes abundance. Kyrgyz people prepare this dessert every year on March 21 and serve it to their surroundings. It is believed that the wishes of everyone who makes and tastes this dessert will come true.


In this festival, women exhibit their hand skills. The festival, which consists of works made by weaving local and cultural patterns with the fabrics at hand, is held in August every year.




It is common that sledding with wolves and deer in some northern countries is popular. In the Arslanbap region of Kyrgyzstan, sledding can be done with horses. You should have an experience to sleigh with horses at high altitudes where only the locals live.


Surrounded by mountains, Issyk Kul Lake is the most developed region of Kyrgyzstan in terms of tourism. Around Issik Lake, which is among the largest lakes in the world; You can step into the nature of Kyrgyzstan with activities such as trekking and horse tours.


Sarıchelek Lake, in a unique nature, is located in the Celalabad region. This lake, which is under the protection of UNESCO, is shown among the lakes with the most beautiful nature in the world with its endemic diversity.


The plateau, which is lush in summer, is covered with a snow-white cover in winter and takes on picturesque landscapes. Suusamyr plateau is one of the popular places in Kyrgyzstan, where you can enjoy nature and do activities such as trekking, cycling and horseback riding, and skiing in winter.

kırgızistan bişkek


Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, is also one of the most populated and modernized cities in the country. If you want to stay in comfortable rooms with modern rooms, Bishkek offers you many options. However, hotels are not the only accommodation option in Kyrgyzstan. If you wish, you can also provide accommodation in large tents called traditional ‘yurt (home)’.




Brizol, the favorite breakfast of the Kyrgyz; It is prepared by adding various ingredients between omelets and folding them in the form of wraps.


It is cooked with red meat, potatoes and onions. We recommend you to taste this flavor made from the most delicious meats of Kyrgyzstan.


Oromo, a type of pastry that comes out of the combination of meat and various vegetables with yufka, is shown among the most delicious dishes of Kyrgyzstan.

-Beşparmak (Five Fingers)

This dish, which is prepared only for special occasions and special guests, is known for adding flavor to the noodles with lamb meat and onions.

Kyrgyz Dumplings

The Kyrgyz ravioli, which is larger than Turkish ravioli, has its origins in Uzbekistan. It is cooked with steam in special cooking pots. We recommend that you do not leave the borders of Kyrgyzstan without tasting this delicious ravioli, in which the thin dough is filled with delicious meat and carrots and cooked without adding any oil or sauce.

kımız ayran


It is obtained by special processing of horse milk. Kumiss, which tastes like sour ayran, is the national drink of Kyrgyzstan.



The best time to visit this country, which has a continental climate, is between May and October. There is a time difference of +3 hours compared to Turkiye. It is possible to discover Kyrgyzstan with only a passport for up to 90 days without a visa.

There are direct flights from Turkiye to Bishkek. But if you prefer long train journeys, you can reach Kyrgyzstan by taking a long journey with train services from Moscow.



Kyrgyzstan is a Muslim country like Turkiye. We are sure that people who are very friendly and love Turks will not alienate you. Our similar tastes in food and drink are quite similar to each other. They have meat-based options in their meals and they take care to consume halal food.

Let’s mention about the cultural heritage of Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrgyz Manas Epic is known to everyone. In some cities, it is possible to see the statues of important names mentioned in this epic. The world-renowned writer Cengiz Aytmatov is also among the names respected by the Kyrgyz. While wandering around the cities, you may encounter traces of art and history. Although two languages, Kyrgyz and Russian, are used in the country, Kyrgyz is more common because the Kyrgyz, who are very attached to their culture, predominate. In some places, you can also come across Turkish-speaking Kyrgyz.


As we mentioned before, Turkiye and Kyrgyzstan come from the same ancestors. Naturally, when you come to visit the country, you will not be a stranger. We have beautiful restaurants and hotels where you can find halal concept both in terms of food and accommodation. If you ask where your facilities are, we are sure that you will like this reply. Our facilities are only 5km away from the world famous Ölüdeniz Beach and are located in Fethiye/Hisarönü region.

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