Anasayfa 9 Gezi 9 Marmara Region, the First of the Regions to be Visited and Seen in Turkiye

Marmara Region, the First of the Regions to be Visited and Seen in Turkiye

29 Mar, 2022

Turkiye, called Anatolia also, hosts many civilizations.It connects the continents of Europe and Asia. With the date 1071 Anatolia became a Turkish homeland. It has seven regions. We mention the beauties and the cultural facilities of them. This week we mention about The Region of Marmara.

The Region of Marmara ISTANBUL

Istanbul..A dream city..It is one of the most popular city in the world with its both natural beauty and historic backround. The history of Istanbul dates back to ancient times. It hosts many civilization.It was the capital of The Roman Empire, The Byzantine Empire and The Ottoman Empire.


It is one of the symbol of Istanbul. It was used as hippodrome during Byzantine Empire, and used as a horse square during Ottoman. Now let’s get to know these historical places;


One of the best example of Ottoman architectural structure is The Mosque of Sultan Ahmet. It was built by the  I.Sultan Ahmed.

ayasofya cami

Ayasofia (The Hagia Sofia)

It is one of the most important architectural structure in the world. It was built between 532-537 in Byzantine Era as a cathedral. Nowadays, it is a mosque.

topkapı sarayı

Topkapı Palace

After it was conquered by Sultan Fatih, Istanbul became the capital of the Ottoman Empire and Topkapı Palace was built. Today, it is a museum. The visitors of the museum can see the clothes, gems of the era. The Islamic Holy Relics are exhibited in this museum.

The Mosque Of Suleymaniye The Mosque

It was built by Sultan Suliman The Magnificient between 1551-1557.

The Mosque Of Eyup Sultan

It has got a special position among Muslims.It was built for the honour of Ebu Eyyup Halid bin Zeyd El Ensari who was a companion of Prophet Mohammad, by Sultan Mehmed The Qonqueror.

Dolmabahçe Palace

It was built during the last times of The Ottoman Empire. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk died here.

Yerebatan Sarnıcı

It was built as a water cistern and  used for water needs of the residents of Constantinople during the reign of  I. Justinious between 527-565. Now it is a museum and also hosts cultural and art activities.

galata kulesi-tower

Galata Kulesi (Galata Tower)

It was built as a fire watchtower between 1335-1349. Many tourist visit here.

Kız Kulesi (Maiden’s Tower)

The building is one of the most popular symbol of Istanbul. It was built in the 5th century BC by Greeks. Throughout the history it was used for multi purposes.


It was the sixth capital of Edirne. Thanks to this feature, it is equipped with inns, complexes and mosques.

The Selimiye Mosque, The Old Mosque, The Museum of Turkish Islamic Museum, madrasas, Turkish baths, Bayazıd Complex and Hospital, Uzunköprü (The Long Bridge) are the most famous ones.


It was the forth capital of Edirne. Thanks to this feature, it is equipped with inns, complexes and mosques. Nowadays it has an important trade center in Turkiye.

Bursa Ulu Mosque,The Green Tomb, Osman Gazi Tomb, Orhan Gazi Tomb are the most popular sightseeings.


Iznik was the second capital of the Ottoman Empire. Historical structures have been inherited today.

The Green Mosque, Cumalıkızık are the most popular ones.

Uludağ Ski Center

It is one of the most popular ski center in Turkiye. It is located in the region of Marmara.


Besides it is one of the touristic place, it is known also that it is the place where the War of Liberation begin.

Island of Ayvalık Cunda, Ayvalık Devil’s Table,  The Mountains of Kaz National Park, Adatepe.


It is known as Dardanos, very important historical city for Turks. We can say that Canakkale city is a martyrdom where patriotic death happened during  Independence War.  That’s why the city is completely an open museum.

Gelibolu is an historical national park, Aynalı Carsı (bazaar) where you can buy souveniers, Truva Anthic City (Troya) where the battle happened because of the story of love between Paris and Helen. You have chance to visit Assos Anthic Marina which had an important role of trade in sixth centuary BC. Castle Kilitbahir and Castle Cimenlik are built by Sultan Fatih Mehmet.

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