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Places to Visit in England

10 Jan, 2023


English is the most widely spoken universal language in the world. The fact that the British had very large lands for a period, the internet connecting the world was first used in America and the use of English in international trade made this language a universal language. Today, more than 1.1 billion people around the world can speak English.

In England, which has a generally changeable and moody weather, it is cloudy and rainy almost throughout the year. Spring and July are the periods when the weather is generally relatively clearer and warmer. Only 5% of the country, which has a small amount of forest compared to its surface area, consists of forests.

England is mentioned, the world-class universities that provide academic education, the home of football, English football and the Premier League, English tea and iconic telephone booths and famous London buses and taxis come to mind.


The official religion of England is Christianity and about 60% of the country is Christian. While 25% do not have any faith, the remaining 15% believe in religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism.

England in general has a high level of welfare and a friendly people where everyone smiles and greets each other. The British, who start their day with their working life, spend their time eating and drinking with their relatives, doing sports activities or walking in the parks, mostly in cafes & pubs after work. On weekends, if there is a sports competition/event nearby, you can usually see the stands full. Because the British are a nation that is very fond of sports competitions. The Premiere League, which is considered the most difficult and prestigious league in the football world, F1 Silverstone gp, which includes Lewis Hamilton, one of the brand names of Formula 1, which is considered the pinnacle of motor sports, is broadcast worldwide; Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, in which giant tennis stars such as Roger Federer, Novak Dokovic, Andy Murray, Serene Williams, Maria Sharapova appear, is held in England. It is clear that England is a country that loves sports, has a deep-rooted history of sports and hosts events.


Chinese New Year Celebration

It is held in February every year. In this festival held in London, you can feel the atmosphere of giant figures and musical feast, similar to the New Year celebrations in China.

Chelsea Flower Show

It is held annually in the Chelsea area in England. Every year in May, a visual feast is presented with various endemic plants in this region.

Notting Hill Carnival

Nothing Hill Festival, one of the biggest festivals in Europe, was started against racism. The festival, which is held every year in August, creates a festive atmosphere for three days with African local music, dances and some local clothes.


Spooky costumes and treats worn to ward off evil spirits in ancient times are now made for entertainment purposes in homes, parties and on the streets. On Halloween, you can see scary masks and outfits, superhero costumes and treats left at the door in many parts of England. Of course, these treats are no longer left for evil spirits, but for small children.



London; It is the capital of England and also the iconic city. The famous red telephone booths, classic British taxis, double-decker city buses, towers with a long history, bridges and structures with historical architecture will make you feel like you are in an open-air museum.

İngiltere manchester


Another city where you can feel the British culture and architecture on its streets is Manchester. Apart from its historical culture, we recommend you to visit this city, which is famous for its sports culture and Manchester United team, while you are in England.


Cambridge, named after the river Cam; It is home to the second oldest university in the world. Famous for the University of Cambridge, this city is among the most respected universities in the world.


It is a city famous for the ‘University of Oxford’, the oldest university in the world. Of course, this city is not just about the university. In this city, which is the most frequented by tourists after London, many small cafes, small shopping centers and shops where you can find souvenirs, historical castles and museums await its visitors.

Cumbria (Lake District)

The Lake District, perhaps one of England’s most beautiful natural beauties; we can summarize it with the words breathtaking landscapes, inspiring nature, lush forest. We definitely recommend you to go to the Lake District, one of England’s most important and largest National Parks.



Fish And Chips:

It is one of the iconic dishes of England. Crispy off-fried fish fillet is served with fresh french fries on paper or on a plate. Fish fillet is taken from haddock or cod. Tartar sauce or the restaurant’s own special sauces are served with the meal. Although it is possible to taste Fish & Chips, which is very nutritious, in many parts of the world, if you go to England, we say that you should taste this British flavor on the spot.

Beef Wellington

This amazing recipe, whose history dates back to the 1960s, in its simplest form; meticulously prepared meat & mushroom stuffing is wrapped in a thin, crispy puff pastry. It is not easy to make it however worth making it.

Club Sandwich

Almost every country and region has its own sandwich recipe. However, the English Club sandwich is rich in protein and very filling. Consisting of three layers, the sandwich includes; It has rich ingredients such as chicken tenderloin, ham and salami, and even with one person to be full.

Yorkshire Pudding

This British snack, similar in consistency and shape to muffins, is a salty snack that is frequently preferred for breakfast and snacks. The dough of this snack, whose inner material is determined as desired, is similar to salty pancakes.


The months between May and September are the UK’s hottest and most sunny months.

England, like many other countries, requires a visa from Turkish citizens to visit. If your UK flight ticket and all other documents are complete, from Turkiye to London or Manchester in the UK; You can reach it by planes departing from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir or Dalaman.


The currency of England is sterling (pound). The United Kingdom, which was a member of the European Union until January 31, 2020, left the European Union as of this date.

The UK uses the GMT+0 time zone. England with a population of approximately 67 million; It is one of the most popular countries around the world with its high-level academic education opportunities, being at the forefront of world sports such as football, tennis, formula 1, classical historical architecture, and English milky teas, which is called English tea.



Muğla / Fethiye, one of the favorite holiday destinations of the British in Turkiye for many years; offers its visitors unlimited natural and historical beauty, the unique azure sea of the Mediterranean, lush forests and a lively holiday flocked by tourists from all over the world.

As Zehra Group Hotel & Villas, we offer you private Fethiye rental villas, Hisarönü rental apartments and Ölüdeniz rental apartments where you can stay in this region. Our private villas for rent, located in the central area of Hisaronu, which is only 4 km away from the world-famous Oludeniz Beach (The Blue Lagoon), are just for you.

The reasons are…

  • In Hisarönü, which is a favorite of many Brits, there are pub cafes, restaurants in the English concept, and restaurants serving delicious dishes from Turkish or world cuisine.
  • If you want to go to Ölüdeniz Beach and enjoy the sea, you can easily access the minibuses departing from the center.
  • There are rent car companies in this region where you can find many rental cars and ATVs.
  • You can also rent our villas with a caterer according to your preference, and you can spare more time by getting rid of the thought of what to cook today.
  • There are many entertainment venues in the center of Hisaronu. You can easily reach entertainment centers where both adults and children can have fun, and markets where you can shop.
  • You can use the large pool of our villas to cool off during the day or you can explore Fethiye by getting information from the reception about our various sightseeing tours.
  • This is the link of our article about some activities you can do in Fethiye:

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