23 Mar, 2023


Sea tourism is the travel that people do to have fun, relax, explore and have new experiences at sea. Sea tourism is a popular type of travel worldwide and is the most preferred type of vacation by tourists for a sun, sea and sand holiday.

Sea tourism covers a wide range of different activities. These include water sports (kayaking, surfing, water skiing, diving, etc.), fishing, swimming, enjoying the beach, yachting, sea cruises, island hopping, boat tours and many more.



Popular countries to visit for marine tourism include Mediterranean countries (Turkiye, Spain, Italy, Greece, Greece, etc.), the Caribbean, Hawaii, Maldives and Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.).

This sector offers high income and employment generation potential for businesses. Marine tourism is also important for many marine ecosystems. Following an environmental policy for sustainable tourism activities and protecting natural resources and biodiversity is an environmental policy that all tourism businesses should adopt.



Sport is an indispensable part of our lives and there are many different types. One of them is water sports. Water sports include swimming, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, diving and many more activities. If you want to have fun and have a fit body during the hot summer months, you can learn more about water sports in this article.   Here are some water sports you can do this summer:



Swimming works the muscles of the whole body and is good for heart health. Swimming also has a low risk of impact due to the movement in the water.


Canoeing is a way of moving on the water surface with the help of paddles. Canoe structure and material differ according to the water conditions in which the activity will take place.


Windsurfing is the practice of riding on a surfboard with the effect of the wind. This activity requires different techniques and equipment depending on wind and wave conditions.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle)

It is a safer paddle surfing that you can do without the need for wind and waves. It is one of the popular water sports of recent times that will require you to use your body muscles to try to keep your balance at the same time while paddling standing on the board.

Water soccer

This is a fun team sport where you swim in the water and try to throw the ball with your hand into the opposing team’s miniature goal. This sport, which you can play in a large pool or in the sea, allows you to keep fit and have fun while having fun.

Water sports can be practiced for recreation, exploration, exercise and racing. Water sports are also a popular part of vacation plans. However, proper equipment, safety precautions and training are required before practicing water sports.

In conclusion, water sports is an exciting field that includes many activities that nature offers. Each of these sports requires different skills, equipment, training and safety. Since water sports have many benefits in terms of fun, exploration and health, it is recommended that everyone should try at least one water sport.



Extreme water sports are water activities designed for adrenaline junkies and often involve high speed, high risk and challenging conditions. These sports can take place on or under water.

Here are a few popular extreme water sports for adrenaline junkies:


Diving is a water sport for breathing and exploring underwater. This sport is ideal for exploring underwater landscapes and observing marine life. However, diving can be dangerous without proper training and equipment.


Surfing is a water sport that involves balancing on waves. This sport involves high speed, big waves and challenging conditions and is suitable for experienced athletes.

Water skiing 

Water skiing is a water sport that involves moving across water on a skateboard towed by a boat or motorized vehicle. This sport requires high speed and balance.



Sea tourism is very popular in Turkiye, which is covered with seas on three sides. In this last part of our blog, we will introduce you to Muğla/Fethiye, which offers the most beautiful sea tourism in the Mediterranean.


Fethiye has one of the leading locations of Sea Tourism with the world famous Oludeniz Beach. There is no doubt that you will find water sports suitable for you both in Oludeniz and other beaches and bays. There is a water sport for everyone of all ages. For example, it is possible to find water sports such as canoeing, swimming, etc. and other fun activities at Zehra Kuleli Beach Restaurant. So, where is Zehra Kuleli Beach? What are the opportunities it offers? If you want to get more detailed information, you can call our call center (0252 616 68 99) and ask your questions about our beach and accommodation facilities and make a reservation if you wish.


Our accommodation options are located in Hisaronu, just 4 km from Oludeniz. Our vacationers can enjoy both the sea and water sports in Fethiye by booking our halal hotel, islamic holiday village, conservative-protected villa, fethiye apart-apartments for rent.  If you want to feel at home while on vacation by experiencing a peaceful and comfortable accommodation experience, you can reach us from our call center on 0252 616 68 68 68 99 or Whatsapp line on +90 539 465 38 88.

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