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Sightseeing In Fethiye

29 Mar, 2022

Fethiye is one of the address who looks for relaxing in virgin nature with the increasing temperature in order to get rid of the heat. That’s why day by day Fethiye is a popular destination among vacasionists by local and foreign tourists. Besides Fethiye has the biggest area in Mugla, it is also the most populated one.

Fethiye has an important place among Turkiye touristic places. It attracts vacationers all over the world. The guests who experienced good vibes want to visit again and again.

The Butterfly Valley

The Butterfly Valley is one of the natural beauty which has specific flora at the foot of the mountain in Mediterrenian Region. Because of its natural beauty the valley is declared as first degree natural site in 1995, is one of the popular area for camping in Turkiye. The Butterfly Valley name is given thanks to over 80 species butterfly in this zone. This amazing area, located in Village Faralya is 35 km-far away from Fethiye. The bay is surrounded by 350 m high valley that’s why you can reach the area by the help of boats especially boat trips,depart from Oludeniz Beach.

The Blue Lagoon (The Natural Park Beach)

The Blue Lagoon is clean and warm ten-months in a year thanks to spring,comes from the deep of sea, tides and currents. It is a blue flag beach which is surrounded by pine trees and hills, is decleared as a natural park. It is 16 km far awy from the Fethiye city centre. It can be reached by minibus, private cars ar a taxi. Thanks to lagoon it is waveless, it is suitable especially toddlers and the people who don’t know how to swim .

Saklıkent Kanyonu’nda Yeni Keşifler

Canyon Saklıkent (the Hidden Paradise)

 It is located in Karacay, a branch of the Esen Stream is about 50 km far away from the city centre. Can you imagine the freezing spring water makes you cool such a sweating hot weather? It amazes and attracts the vacationers.  Its lenght is 18 km and the height is 200 m,close to Xsantos Ancient City. The Canyon is decleared as a national park. You can attend activities such as trekking, rafting and jeep safari in and around the Canyon.


The Zehram Kuleli Beach

The Zehram Kuleli Beach is surrounded by pine trees and turquoise-coloured-water, is located in Peninsula of Fethiye is one of the beautiful bay. There is a private section on the beach  which only serves  ladies with high privacy .It is the first bay both in Fethiye and in Turkiye. The beach has seperated private swimming areas for ladies only, for gentlemen only and for  the families who wants to swim together on condition wearing hashema,( Islamic  islamic swimwears for females and males ). The Zehra Group Companies takes religious sensibilities serious while serving its guests. Zehra spends a lot of effort to keep ladies beach private and cannot be observed form outside. It serves the facilities of a la carte restaurant,  self BBQ areas, playing area for kids. The guests can spend their time peacefully. The Zehram Kuleli Beach is a good chance which cares islamic life. Would you like to try a halal-friendly consept with The Zehram Kuleli Beach?

12 Islands Boat Trip

This is one of best activity in Fethiye. Everyone who visits Fethiye should see the islands. It is totally eighteen islands but is called Twelve Islands Boat Trip. The holidaymakers has the opportunity to see the virgin islands and bays. The boats departure from Fethiye Marina or Oludeniz . You have chance to swim in such a deep blue and turqoise coloured sea besides having sunbathe. The route is up to the guest selection for private tours but the most famous stops are The Red Island, The Flat Island, The Dockyard Island, The Gobun Bay, Bedri Rahmi Bay, The Cleopathra Bath, The Boar Island,The Knights Island and so on..

Lycian Way

Lycian Way is the trade way of Lycian civilization and it  was built 2000 B.C. At  present time it is a popular trekking way from Antalya to Fethiye. The Lycian Way, 535 km long between the sea and the ancient city, is the longest  historic way in Turkiye. Its indespensible route, liked by the lovers of trekking, the virgin bays, mountains and ancient cities  such as Tlos, Pınara, Xanthos, Letoon, Patara, Olympos, Simena, Myra.


Fethiye is one the most beautiful city in Mugla Province and also the most preffered touristic place by the guests. The local food consist of both The Aegean and The Mediterrenian Sea Region tastes.

-Babadag Keskegi

Beforehand “the keshkek” was only cooked in wedding ceremonies. Nowadays it is cooked in different ceremonies and gatherings such  as funerals, or ather religious ceremonies,too. The keshkek is in Unesco Cultural Heritage List. One night before, the wheat is waited in the water. The next day the soaked wheat is smashed well and the broth is added while cooking on woodfire. “The keshkek” should be ready for wedding ceremonies among local people. Melted butter, chili pepper, thyme are on the top as dressing. You can not stop youselves eating keshkek.

-The Soup of Arabashy

Arabaşı (Arabashy) is favorite dish of local people especially in winter and consisted of boiled chicken and chili pepper.

-The Soup of Olemec

It is a traditonal dish among local people. It is so healty and delicious. It consists of chopped onions, chilli pepper. The dough is added in it.

-Sarı Ot Kavurması (Fried Yellow Herb)

The herbs are very famous in Fethiye. Thanks to Mediterrean and Aegean Region the habitat of herbs are various and so delicious. The olive oil is the most important element of the dishes. The chilli pepper and chopped onion is up to you. It is believed that it helps rheumatism by local people.

-Sılcan Otu Kavurması (The Herb of Sılcan)

Sılcan is the other favorite herb among local people. Some of locals prefer eating it with fried eggs or just with yoghurt on top.

-The Artichoke with Olive Oil

The artichoke should be boiled well. The olive oil is added. It is so healty and yummy.


Fethiye is an ancient  city and hosted many civilizations .The area was called “Telmessos” which means “Land of the Lights, during Lycian Era.In 4 BC it was called Makri.Thanit is called Meğri  by Turks. After Turkish Republic it was announced as Fethiye.The name Fethiye was given in honor of Ottoman Airforce Pilot Fethi Bey.Hi was the first air martyr of Turks.

Paspatur Bazaar and Amynthas Rock Tombs

The paspatur bazaar is one of the historical district in this area. You can stroll around and do shopping local foods, souveniers there.

By climbing steps, you can visit the leaders’ tombs of the era. The name was given in honour of Amythas, the king of the era during Lycian Civilization.

Kayakoy (Ghost Village)

Ghost Village was one of the Greek neighbourhood, called Levissi. After Turkish Republic was announced the name Kayakoy was given. With the exchange policy, Turks preferred to protect the village and now it is a very important open air museum. That’s why it is mentiones as “Ghost Village”.


Tlos is an ancient city. It is believed that Pegasus lived here and the area remained intact until today, attracts the tourists who loves history. It is protected by UNESCO temporarily.

The Museum of Fethiye

Fethiye Museum: It was opened in 1965.In the museum  you can see the Lycian, Roman and Eastern Roman Civilization artifacts obtained from the excavations which were done in Fethiye. The museum attracts history lovers


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