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The Foods Of Marmara Region

23 May, 2022


Yalova, which has a vegetable-based cuisine, comes out with its tastes from the past to the present. In our article, we will consider some of these flavors.

Thermal Soup: Soups, which are the crown jewels of our tables during the winter months, are loved and consumed in all our regions. The Termal Soup, which is unique to the Termal district of Yalova, is one of these soups. The soup made from vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and celery is served after adding chopped peas and garlic.

Yalova Kebab with Puff Pastry: Puff pastry Yalova Kebab, which is one of the dishes you should definitely taste when you come to Yalova, is a halal kebab made from meat cooked by sautéing with tomato and seasoning sauce on puff pastry baked in the oven, especially on special occasions such as holidays.

Kaçamak: It is another Yalova’s delicious dishes, is made from corn flour. When the corn flour cooked with water reaches the consistency of halva, it is served by melting tomato paste in butter and adding cheese and spices.

tekirdağ köftesi


Tekirdağ Meatballs: Tekirdağ Meatballs, one of the first flavors that come to mind when Tekirdağ is mentioned, consists of three stages. Semolina is added to it, and it gets its real taste with a specially prepared hot sauce and is served.

Çene Çarpan Soup: Çene Çarpan Soup, one of the local dishes of Tekirdag, is a kind of milk dough soup and is popular in Rumeli and Thrace.

Sini Ravioli: The dough filled with meat is placed on a tray and placed in the oven. After cooking, it is served by pouring yogurt on it. It differs from other ravioli because it is placed on a tray.

Buffalo Yoghurt: Produced in the Saray district of Tekirdag, Buffalo Yoghurt is the symbol of the city.

Yoghurt is prepared from the milk of buffaloes raised in Saray district of Tekirdag.

Hayrabolu Dessert: Hayrabolu Dessert, which is the biggest of Kemalpaşa dessert, is served by adding tahini and ice cream to it.

Bulama: Bulama, which is difficult to make, is made by mixing grape molasses with gypsophila and bringing it to the consistency of halva. Bulama, a kind of halva, is definitely one of the desserts you should try if you happen to be in Tekirdağ.


Stuffed Quince with Molasses: Stuffed Quince with Molasses, which is a flavor inherited from the Ottoman Empire, which was cooked very often in Sakarya, is prepared by turning the quinces into bowls and putting them into the previously prepared mortar. Molasses, which gives the food its real taste, is something you should try if you happen to be in Sakarya.

Circassian Chicken: Circassian Chicken, which came from foreigners who migrated to our country from the Ottoman period, belongs to Chechnya cuisine and is one of the main dishes of Sakarya cuisine. It is one of the dishes that are prepared for wedding meals and special occasions.

Pie with Leek: It is one of the unique flavors of Sakarya. The cleaned leeks are roasted with onions on low heat and a small amount of black pepper is added. Yogurt is added to the pastry dough. The dough is cooked on low heat until it reaches a crispy consistency and served.

Pumpkin Dessert: Pumpkin dessert, which is among the flavors of many regions of Turkiye, is one of the most famous desserts of Sakarya. The most important feature that distinguishes the pumpkin dessert made in Sakarya from other provinces is the hazelnut with cream added to it.


Cigceli Kavurma: Cigceli roast, which ranks first among meat dishes in Kocaeli, is prepared by adding cubed halal meat to rice or bulgur wheat and pouring milk cream on the meat. Because the cream poured on the meat is called cigceli, this dish is called cigceli roast. It is one of the flavors that should be tried in Kocaeli.

Pişmaniye: Pismaniye, the first flavor that comes to mind when Kocaeli is mentioned, was created by the Armenians who lived here in the 1600s.

Kandıra Yoghurt: One of the most valuable flavors of the region, Kandıra Yoghurt is a very famous yoghurt known in Turkiye. Kandıra Yoghurt, made by mixing buffalo milk and cow’s milk, impresses with its creamy taste.

Kesme Soup: Cut Soup, also known as festival soup, is made from chickpea flour and noodles.

Öğre dessert: It is made with milk like sweet pudding made from millet flour and rose water. After cooking, rose water is added to the dessert and served cold.


Umaç Soup: The other name of Umaç Soup, which is another flavor of Kocaeli, is Oğmaç or Ovmaç Soup. It is made from flour butter and crumbled dough pieces.

Lamb Kapama: Kırklareli is the only address for lamb snatching in the Thrace region, which is the place where small cattle breeding is done the most. Lamb closure made with lamb, rice and onions in the oven is the most famous dish of Kırklareli.

Onion Pita: An immigrant dish, onion pita is one of the best-known pastries of Kırklareli. Ground meat, grated tomato and parsley can also be added to the pita, the main ingredient of which is onions.

Manca: Manca, one of the most popular Rumelian dishes, is also very popular in Kırklareli. The dish, which is a kind of appetizer, includes eggplant, red pepper, green pepper, olive oil and grape vinegar.

Pastor Stew: Pastor’s stew, one of the most well-known dishes of Kırklareli, is one of the hearty main dishes of the city.


Fried Liver: Pan-fried liver, which is famous both in Turkiye and beyond the borders of Turkiye, is the most famous dish of Edirne. Thinly sliced liver is dipped in flour and fried, resulting in a wonderful taste. It is one of the flavors that you should taste in your Edirne trip.

Liver Wrap: The liver wrap, filled with currants, pine nuts, onions and rice, is placed in the oven and served hot after it comes out.

Zerde: Zerde, the most popular dessert of the Ottoman palace cuisine, is another well-known taste of Edirne. The dessert made with saffron, turmeric, rice, currants and rose water is one of the desserts you must eat during your visit to Edirne.

iskender kebap bursa


Iskender kebab: Iskender kebab, which is one of the first dishes that comes to mind when Bursa is mentioned, is one of the flavors that you should definitely taste when you go to Bursa with its rich butter and taste.

Candy Chestnut: The most known flavor of Bursa in terms of dessert is candied chestnut. It is also one of the options that you can buy as a gift to your relatives when you come to the city.


Bozüyük Ravioli with Lentils: The ravioli made by adding boiled lentils to the dough that the people of Bilecik have made with their own hands, are cooked in the oven and served with garlic yogurt and sauce.

Bilecik Stew: Bilecik stew, one of the most delicious dishes of Bilecik, is made by putting potatoes, eggplant, various vegetables and diced meat into the casserole and sprinkling cheddar on it. Bilecik stew is one of the dishes you should try during your visit to Bilecik.

Nohutlu Kebab: Chickpea kebab, another dish that can be eaten in Bilecik, is made from phyllo dough, meat and chickpeas.

Büzme Dessert: Büzme dessert, one of the most popular desserts of Bilecik, is made by adding hand-rolled thin baklava dough and ground hazelnuts or walnuts. The dessert, which gets its real taste when pre-prepared sherbet is added, is usually made on special occasions such as holidays, weddings.


Keskek: The well-known and popular dish in Turkiye is among the famous dishes of Balıkesir cuisine. Keskek, which can be made with meat or chicken, is a different flavor made from wheat and chickpeas. Keskek, which is frequently cooked especially at village weddings and feast days, is among the dishes that should be eaten in Balıkesir.

Tirit: One of the most famous dishes of Balıkesir, the tirit dish offers a different flavor by adding chicken broth, tomatoes and chicken boiled in water on bread that is chopped into small pieces and butter.

Rabisa: Rabisa, which is a kind of pastry that is among the local dishes of Gömeç town of Balıkesir, is served by pouring garlic yoghurt on the hand-rolled phyllo after being rolled and placed in the oven.

Höşmerim: When the most famous cheese dessert of Balıkesir, höşmerim comes together with semolina, the famous höşmerim flavor emerges.

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