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Winter Tourism in the World

23 Mar, 2023


Everyone’s idea of rest and vacation is different. For some, a vacation is sunbathing and swimming in the sea during the hot summer months, while for others it is exploring new places covered with a white blanket and enjoying unique winter landscapes. In the first part of our article, we will have suggestions for vacationers who love cold weather, and in the last part, we will have suggestions for those who love warm weather.

So, what to do during winter vacation? Which countries and which cities are more preferred for winter vacation? Let’s first take a look at where to go and what to do during the 2023 semester break when schools will be closed!



-Snowball fight: 

Almost everyone has had a snowball fight at least once when they were little. But do you have to be a child to have a snowball fight? We think no! So put on your snow gloves and take advantage of the school holidays this winter to throw snowballs at your loved ones!


Why not relive the pleasure of making snowmen, one of the activities of our childhood? Everyone knows how to make snowmen, one of the symbols of winter. If you are confident in your talent, you can also try making artistic snow sculptures.


You can leave your mark on the white blanket with snowmobiling, which is one of the indispensable winter activities for adrenaline lovers.

-Northern Lights

If you want to go to a different country this winter  want to make it worth it and experience something I’ve never experienced before, watch the mesmerizing northern lights live. It will definitely be worth it. You can spend a dreamy winter vacation by observing the lights of this fairytale nature in countries such as Norway, Finland and Iceland.

-Husky Sleigh Ride:

 If you’re heading to a country close to the Husky’s home, let these adorable pals show you around. Here are some countries where you can join Husky Safaris:

  • Sweden,
  • Finland,
  • Norway,
  • Canada,
  • Alaska,
  • Greenland


Paragliding is generally known as a summer activity. However, those who want to see the exquisite snow view continue to make parachute tours in winter. If you want the view of the city you are visiting under your feet, you can try paragliding.

-Apres Ski

Apres Ski is a barbecue event where you can socialize at the end of the skiing day. Although the food you eat varies depending on the country you go to, it can be called a mini party at the end of the skiing day, where you can relieve the tiredness of the day, eat and have fun, often accompanied by music and have a pleasant time.


One of the most enjoyable and exciting activities in winter is sledding. For this, you will need a safe road with a gentle slope and no traffic, and anything that can slide on the snow. If you think this is not enough for me, I want to have a more professional skiing experience, we have researched ski resorts from various countries for you.

fransa alpleri


-French Alps Alpe d’huez

Discover the French slopes of the Alps, one of the first regions that comes to mind when you think of skiing! In Alpe d’huez, one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe, you can enjoy 250 km of ski slopes with views of the huge snow-capped mountains.

Alpe d’huez, on the slopes of the Alps, has hotels where you can stay. You can enjoy delicious French cuisine and rent ski equipment from your hotel.

-Dolomite Mountains

There are more than 1000 km of ski slopes on the 2300 meter high Dolomite slopes, where Italy’s famous ski resorts are located. You can choose Italy’s Dolomites, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, for your winter vacation.


In the Blackcomb Mountains in the westernmost part of Canada, there are more than 200 km of ski areas. One of the best ski resorts in the world, Whistler will take your breath away not only with the thrill of skiing but also with the white snow landscapes.


Surrounded by huge mountains, the ski resort is about 350 km long. These ski resorts in Switzerland are one of the most important holiday destinations in the northern region. 

There are many shops in the city where you can shop. Also, don’t forget to take photos when you see illuminated ice sculptures on the streets during the winter months. 

Apart from skiing in Zermatt, where you will feel the winter atmosphere to the fullest, another activity we recommend is short train tours. You can watch the unique views from the train while drinking your coffee and eating your snacks.


One of America’s favorite winter tourism destinations, Aspen is one of the luxury destinations of winter tourism. You can enjoy 460 km of huge ski slopes in the USA.

On the streets of Aspen, which will be admired by those who love winter, the trees decorated with snow-covered led lighting, the light of the local restaurants in the surrounding area offer winter landscapes and local flavors that will be engraved in your memory.


Uludağ, one of Turkiye number one ski resorts, is located in the city of Bursa. With a height of 2453 meters and 11 slopes, it can host amateur, professional, in short, people who are interested in all kinds of skiing activities. 

If you get hungry in the high peaks of Uludağ, be sure to try the Turkish delicacies you can taste in large and small restaurants. You can find many classic Turkish barbecue delicacies such as sausage bread, meatballs, grilled varieties, which are delicious in snowy weather.

If you do not have ski equipment with you, there are stores where you can find ski equipment that you can see on your way to the piste. You can spend an unforgettable winter holiday with the view and flavors of Bursa Uludağ by supplying the necessary materials from here.


We have not forgotten those who say “I don’t like the cold.” In this part of our article, we have suggestions for you for summer vacation.

Plan your vacation to Fethiye / Oludeniz, which receives visitors from all over the world every year!

Located on the southern coast of Turkiye, Fethiye has many beaches, bays, coasts, natural and historical beauties to visit. As Zehra group, we have many accommodation options where you can have a vacation in Fethiye. If you are looking for a conservative holiday option in accordance with Islamic rules; We have a hotel and holiday village in Fethiye Hisaronu. If you want a more private accommodation option where you will only be with your family, you can also consider our rental villa options in Hisaronu. Conservative villa, thanks to our sheltered villas, you can enjoy the villa holiday in Fethiye to the fullest.

So, what can you do in Fethiye?

You can take a cable car to Babadağ, one of the summit points of Fethiye, and be a live witness of Ölüdeniz view. Those who say that the excitement of the cable car is not enough, those who are looking for something more exciting can land on Ölüdeniz Beach with paragliding from the summit of Babadağ.

Feel Ölüdeniz (Bluelagoon), one of the best beaches in the world! Oludeniz has both wavy and calm beaches. Let’s take those who like waves to Belcekız and those who want to swim in the calm sea like a sheet to Kumburnu Beach.

Are there conservative beaches in Oludeniz? 

Fethiye? Is there a women-only sea? Our answer to those who say yes! Zehra Kuleli Beach Restaurant, located above Karagözler, has a beach area reserved only for women. On this beach; women and men can swim, sunbathe and enjoy the sea with peace of mind in separate areas. We are waiting for you, our valued guests, to our Kuleli Beach with its deep blue sea surrounded by pine forests.

For your questions about our Beach in Fethiye or any of our Apart / Luxury Apartment, holiday village, villa, hotel facilities: +90 (252) 616 68 68 99 or +90 539 465 38 88 Whatsapp Line.

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