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A Different Culture: Japan

19 Dec, 2022

Japan, named after the sun and its origin words; It is known as the country where the sun rises. Most of the country consists of islands. The most famous of these islands; The island of Honshu, where the capital Tokyo is also located.

Despite being influenced by the West, the Japanese, who are very attached to their culture, keep their traditions and customs alive both with their clothes and by commemorating the past on holidays and special days.

There are universal brands of Japanese, which are known by the whole world as respectful, kind and hardworking. After the World War II, in the 1970s, with the education and industry encouraging policies of the state, it managed to leave many countries behind, especially in the field of industry. Examples of these universal brands are Mitsubishi, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Canon, Toshiba, Casio. These brands still continue to be among the world brands with principles such as innovation, social responsibility and leadership.



Due to the fact that a large part of the country’s population of approximately 125 million is Buddhist, there are many historical and modern temples. Apart from its temples, it is among the leading countries of the world with its well-established temples and palaces, natural wonders, universities providing quality education, high-income business areas and better living conditions, fashion, information and technology.

Cities such as Tokyo, Japan’s most crowded city, are highly developed and modern cities where life flows fast. In these cities, people spend their time in halls where there are many game machines to relieve the stress of busy business life. It is possible to see people from all walks of life in such places.

Shirakawago is the stop for those who want to get closer to nature and Japanese culture in the city where there is a quieter life. Here, you can get one step closer to Japanese culture with both traditional Japanese architecture and exquisite scenery.



Japan is one of the most interesting and culturally diverse countries in the world. This situation is also reflected in the festivals. Let’s examine the details of these festivals together.:


In this festival, which is held every year on February 2-3, people throw beans, which they think give good energy, to people wearing masks representing evil spirits. In this festival, which is based on ancient Japanese traditions and beliefs, small children are also given candy or money. It is similar to Hallowen of Western.


During the Obon Festival, which coincides with the summer months, Japanese people visit their families’ graves or temples to bless the spirits of their ancestors, whom they believe came home. The purpose of this festival is to reunite with family and commemorate them. Paper lanterns guiding the spirits in the streets and various dishes in the temples will accompany you throughout this festival.


The first day of the Golden Week Festival, which lasts all over the country from April 29 to May 6, celebrates the birthday of Hirohito, the former Emperor of Japan. On the remaining days of the festival, the country’s public holidays and children’s day are celebrated. This week, many Japanese take time off from work and travel and enjoy activities.


Japanese people, who are very fond of the concept of family, use the shogatsu festival holiday to get together with their families in the new year. The New Year is celebrated on January 1 in Japan as well as in our country. They believe that they have left the bad luck behind by making intensive visits to the shrine the day before, fulfilling their various beliefs and wishing luck in the new year. On New Year’s Day, people come together with their loved ones and celebrate the New Year with special traditional dishes and gifts.



TOKYO: Tokyo, which is one of the most crowded and modern cities in the world with a population of approximately 39 million, has many historical temples, modern shopping centers, national parks and entertainment centers that you can visit. We have reviewed the main ones for you.:

-Tokyo Skytree

With a height of 634 meters, it is Tokyo’s first and the world’s second tallest structure. There are also services where you can spend time while watching the view of the city, such as many shopping centers and restaurants. If you go to Tokyo, we recommend you to visit Skytree especially for the sparkling night view of the city.


When you go to Tokyo, we say that you should add the temples identified with Japanese culture to your visit list. Here; you should definitely see the Meiji Temple, where various endemic plants grow, and the Sensoji Temple, the most historical temple in Tokyo. You can also visit both the temples and the zoo in the approximately 200-acre Ueno Park.

-Akihabara Electric Town

Especially if you want to do electronic shopping, you should stop by Tokyo’s Akihabara district, which is famous for its large and small shopping malls and stores. You can also spend time in cafes and restaurants of different concepts in this region and mingle with the Japanese.

Ishigaki Island

Located in the Yaeyama Islands, one of the most famous islands of Japan, Ishigaki Island manages to attract tourists from all over the world with its white beaches stretching to the Pacific Ocean and its peaceful nature. The atmosphere, both underwater and above water, will fascinate you.

Universal Theme Park

You can spend hours of fun at Universal Theme Park, which hosts popular movie figures from world cultures and fun gigantic amusement parks.


We recommend that those who want to get closer to Japanese culture and spend time in a quiet village visit this charming village, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here, the houses bearing the traces of the cultural architecture of Japan, the traditional lifestyle and human nature will give you a lot of peace.

-Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji, one of Japan’s active volcanoes, has not been active for about 300 years. With its nature and lakes that offer picturesque landscapes, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan today.



-Sushi: As a natural consequence of being an island country, seafood has an important place in Japanese cuisine. Sushi is one of these seafood products. Although there are many varieties, it is generally served by wrapping fish, avocado, rice and cucumber in rolls. Wasabi sauce is served with sushi. This sauce is made from wasabi, a rare herb. This sauce has many known benefits. However, we should warn that after eating a lot, it will leave a very bitter taste in your mouth for about 20 minutes. For this reason, we recommend that you consume it with your sushi in very small quantities.

-Ramen: Ramen, a flavor unique to the Far East; In short, it can be defined as noodles in soup. Although the content may differ according to the restaurant, it is generally prepared by adding eggs, chicken and various vegetables.

-Yakitori: It is a Japanese shish kebab. It is served with chicken, fish, pork, beef, fish or a mixture of them, bottled and grilled. If you do not want to eat pork, we strongly recommend that you ask your restaurant or street vendor about the content of the meat.

-Takoyaki: It is fried dough balls containing octopus meat, various spices and vegetables. It is possible to find these delicious dough balls, which are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, in street vendors in Japan.

-Yaki Imo: They are purple-skinned sweet potatoes that are usually cooked on the stove or grill by street vendors. Served hot, this street delicacy is among the favorite snacks of the Japanese.



Japan hosts the most tourists in March. The reason is; the approach of warm weather is the blooming of sakura flowers. Apart from this, if there is a special festival you want to go to, you can learn the dates and determine your departure date accordingly.

Turkish citizens can stay as tourists in Japan for up to 3 months. It is possible to reach Japan from Turkiye with connecting or direct flight options from Ankara and Istanbul.


You can find luxury or budget hotels to stay in Japan. Do not be surprised to encounter robot employees in some hotels in the country, which is quite advanced in robot technology, because there are hotels that provide such services. If you want to get a more economical accommodation service, you can consider the capsule hotel option. In most capsule hotels, the capsules and elevators used by women and men are located in different areas. Those who attach importance to conservative holidays, as in our facilities in Fethiye/Ölüdeniz, can choose this holiday option. However, it is not known whether you can find a holiday village with a separate male and female pool, ladies’ beach, private villas, hotels or luxury apartments for rent.

As a result, Japan is one of the most developed countries in the Far East and the world. A culture-loving, respectful and moral society, Japan is one of the most interesting countries to visit in the world. Traveling to Japan; it has no doubt that it will be a journey that will add a lot to you with its historical temples, natural beauties, modern cities and interesting food culture.

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