Kuleli Beach in Fethiye is a popular destination for people who want to have a fun and enjoyable time with their families. According to local stories, the beach is named after a shipwreck that sank nearby. The owner of the beach bought some materials from the ship and used them to create a beautiful tower on the beach. This tower is now a popular spot for visitors to take pictures and enjoy the views.

The beach is known for its conservative atmosphere, with separate swimming areas for men and women. The lake in the middle of the beach is surrounded by cabanas and other amenities, making it a great place to spend the day. One of the things that makes Kuleli Beach unique is its commitment to sustainability. The entire area is powered by solar energy, and all the buildings and walls are made from natural materials.

The beach is quite large, covering an area of 20 hectares. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor areas for visitors to enjoy, including tables, chairs, cafes, restaurants, cabanas, seating areas, and playgrounds. Whether you’re looking for a fun day with your family or a peaceful retreat in nature, Kuleli Beach is a great destination to consider.

At Kuleli Beach, you can indulge in a delicious selection of Turkish cuisine at the on-site restaurant. Whether you’re in the mood for a meal with a view of the sea or just want to enjoy a hot drink on the pier, you’ll have access to all of that at the beach.

The breakfast at Kuleli Beach is particularly noteworthy and is served on the pier around 10 am. With a variety of tasty dishes to choose from, it’s a great way to start your day off right and get you energized for a day of fun in the sun. Trust us, a breakfast like this is sure to put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

The indoor park at Kuleli Beach provides a fun space for kids to play and have a good time. While your kids enjoy themselves in the park, you can keep an eye on them from the nearby seating areas and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with your loved ones.

The lake located right in the middle of the beach provides a unique and breathtaking scenery. Watching the fish inside the lake will make you feel like diving into the depths. The local areas surrounding the lake will provide you and your family with a precious time and unforgettable memories. Although fishing is prohibited during peak season, it is allowed at certain times of the year. You can bring your fishing rod or net and enjoy fishing with your family or children, and relieve your stress. There are also barbecue tables available inside the beach area for your use.

The restaurants and cafes around the sea and the lake provide a great atmosphere for spending quality time with your family and loved ones. You can sit and enjoy your tea or coffee while having a pleasant conversation with your family. You can also order food from the restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones. These places are perfect for creating lasting memories and strengthening the bond between family members. We often associate vacation with getting away from work and traffic, but it’s actually about spending more time with our loved ones and understanding them better. Zehra Group’s establishments cater to families, and if you want to spend more quality time with your family, you can choose one of their holiday resorts.

Fethiye Mavi deniz Kadınlar plajı sahili

Zehra Kuleli Beach with a New Face

In this section where modesty is valued and the surrounding area is covered, the fact that the women’s section is completely closed and hidden from the outside has attracted great interest and demand as the first and only conservative beach in Fethiye. There are cabins in the women’s section where you can easily change your clothes. Right next to the cabins, there are open shower areas where you can getr id of sand and salt water. You can buy drinks or order from the cafe-bar area inside. A fun and joyful day awaits you where the deep blue sea meets the greenery, and you can cool off from the summer heat and sun.

Additionally, the area for men also provides a cafe-bar section and a pier where you can spend a pleasant time. You can distance yourself from the problems that cause confusion in your mind in the depths of the blue water and feel that you are getting away from the stress of daily life. Generally, the problem in our society is that since most of our time is spent on work, our memories are usually related to work. When a certain topic is mentioned, it reminds us of a problem we experienced on that day, which lowers our motivation. However, by spending time with your family and creating enjoyable memories in the depths of the sea, you can feel the optimistic sides of life. You can also use the sun loungers and umbrellas right by the sea to sunbathe.

The beach inside the forest with its trees and natural setting offers a peaceful escape from the crowded and polluted atmosphere of the city. You can take a long and relaxing breath in this oxygen-rich environment that will soothe your soul. Walking through the trees with your family or spending quality time with loved ones can be a wonderful experience. As you breathe in the fresh air, you can feel the positive effects on your body, knowing that it is free from the chemicals and pollutants that are often present in the air of a crowded city. Although it is impossible to avoid such common problems, the natural atmosphere that the beach offers will support you peace and tranquility.

Zehra Kuleli Beach went through an extensive renovation process and dozens of projects and ideas were considered to achieve its current look. The team is still working on collecting information and exploring possible changes or additions that can be made to the beach. While we may often view entertainment areas as being constructed simply, those of us who work or have experience in such fields know just how difficult and stressful it can be. Zehra Kuleli Beach was closed for almost a year to become a relaxing and tranquil vacation spot. Despite facing numerous challenges in the past, the team was able to overcome them all and continue its operations. As one of the largest beaches in the Aegean region, Kuleli Beach is committed to carrying out all of its current and future projects without harming the environment, and often incorporates nature into its work. The team also strives to set an example for other businesses in the area by prioritizing the cleanliness and preservation of the environment.

Zehra Group offers a variety of services for conservative guests in the Fethiye region. With two hotels and many villas in Oludeniz, they provide a range of options for their valued guests. If you want to spend your vacation in the most preferred destination in the world, Oludeniz, and leave behind the stress and problems of the year, you can easily browse and choose from our website or social media accounts. Fethiye is a rich region with historical structures and many different areas for relaxation and exploration, all in harmony with nature. You can find all the information you need about the Fethiye region on Zehra Group’s website.

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