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Europe’s West Coast Portugal

18 Jan, 2023

Portugal, located in the westernmost part of the European Continent, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean; It contributed greatly to geographical discoveries, and was once the most powerful state of the seas. It has a rich culture as it has hosted people from many cultures and different geographies in the past. With geographical discoveries, they carried their own cultures and languages to different countries and even continents. This is why Portuguese is the 7th most spoken language in the world, despite being a small country in terms of area and population.

Portugal is one of the most popular countries in Europe, both for many tourists from around the world and for students who want to discover a new country and culture while studying at university in a different country. The reasons that make Portugal so attractive in the rest of our article.


Common Faıth And Lıfestyle In Portugal

The Portuguese people are one of the most religious peoples in Europe. Although it has no official religion, more than 80% of the country is Catholic Christian.

Portugal, which uses the Euro as its currency, is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. There are universities with Erasmus programs that provide quality education in famous cities such as Lisbon and Porto. All these reasons make Portugal a center of attraction for university students.

Portuguese people are very friendly. Especially they will do their best to help foreigners in the country in any matter. Lunch breaks are for 2 hours.



Super Bock Super Rock

It is one of the most famous music festivals in Portugal. The world’s most famous rock bands take the stage at the festival, which is held every year in July. In addition to the special ticket price for those coming to Lisbon from abroad and outside the city for the festival; Accommodation facilities such as hotels, apartments, tents and caravans are also offered.

Festival Of The Trays

Held every 4 years in June-July, this festival is one of the traditional religious events held in Tomar, Portugal. 30 loaves of bread are arranged on the tray and a man accompanies them as the women walk with the tray through the decorated streets.

Fatima Ceremony

A commemoration ceremony is held every year in the city of Fatima, where the Legend of the Virgin Mary takes place. This commemoration ceremony held on May 13 has an important place for the Portuguese.

Iberian Mask Festival

It is a festival to commemorate and celebrate ethno-cultural ties with Portugal’s neighbor Spain. In the festival held in Lisbon every year in May, people create a colorful atmosphere on the streets with various masks and street shows.

Loule Karnavalı

At the Loule Carnival, which has been held in Portugal’s Algarve region for over 100 years, you will feel like you are in the world-famous Brazil’s Rio Carnival. You will definitely feel the carnival energy with colorfully decorated streets, giant figures, dancers in special costumes and predetermined themes.


Sıghtseeıng Places In Portugal


Portugal’s most famous city is also its capital. In the south-west of the country, near the Toje River, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the city has many festivals, museums, tourist-historical places to visit.


When you go to Porto, the first place you should see is the Ponte Dom Luis bridge in the Ribeira region. Connecting the Ribeira and Gaia sides, this two-storey bridge spans the Douro River, offering a unique view of the city.


You can understand why this small town, nicknamed the Venice of Portugal, got this nickname when you see the people taking a trip with colorful gondolas in the canals around it.


In Cascais, one of Portugal’s most beautiful coastal towns; Don’t forget to add beautiful beaches, beaches where you can surf and delicious fish restaurants to your Portugal travel guide.


Portugal’s island where you can observe perhaps the most beautiful ocean view; It is an autonomous region of Portugal. It is an island that deserves the nickname “Floating Garden” with its many touristic spots, castles, restaurants and natural beauties. This island is the birthplace of the world-famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo, and he has a hotel on the coast of Madeira.


Colorful architectures that look like historical castles offer you a fantastic atmosphere in nature. Sintra, where you will feel the historical texture and nature until the end; It is an ideal area for those who are planning a quiet trip to the west of Lisbon, away from the city.


What to Eat in Portugal and Its Traditional Tastes

What to Eat in Portugal Portuguese cuisine is known for its rich flavors and variety of ingredients. It has been heavily influenced by the country’s location in the Atlantic Ocean, and many dishes feature seafood as a key ingredient. Traditional dishes are often hearty and delicious, and their recipes are passed down from generation to generation. Common ingredients used in Portuguese cooking include olive oil, garlic, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, olives, cod, and a variety of seafood. Popular dishes include caldeirada (seafood stew), bacalhau (cod), feijoada (boiled beans), cozido à portuguesa (mixed meat stew) and pastéis de nata (custard tart). Portuguese wines are also popular around the world and range from dry whites to sweet fortified wines such as Port and Madeira.

Pasteis de Nata (Belem Pie)

There is a famous small patisserie in Lisbon that has been making pies since the 1800s. You can find the original of this crunchy outside, soft creamy snack called Belem Pie, only in this famous patisserie of Lisbon, because even if this secret recipe is made, it is never a substitute.


We strongly recommend that you try this delicious Portuguese sandwich in quality restaurants. A hearty and delicious sandwich emerges with a special recipe sauce added to the ingredients such as beef, sausage, ham and special cheese, among the fried bread.

Pastel de Chaves

It is prepared by stuffing the crispy puff pastry with beef. Pastel de Chaves, which can be consumed at every meal, is especially famous in Porto.


It is one of the local dishes of Portugal. Sheep or lamb meat is blended with vegetables and special sauces and cooked in casseroles for long hours.


This pastry dessert, which is very famous in the Fatima region, is a snack preferred by Portuguese people and tourists who come here, both for breakfast and with coffee.


When And How To Get To Portugal?

The Mediterranean climate is dominant in Portugal. The best times to visit this country are from June to September. On these dates, the country is both active and suitable for swimming.

You need a visa to go to Portugal. If your Portugal visa and passport are ready, it is possible to reach Porto or Lisbon by direct flights from Istanbul.


Other Informatıon About Portugal

Portugal uses UTC+0 in winter and UTC+1 in summer.

Portuguese lags behind other European countries in agriculture.

Football is the most popular sport in Portugal. Among the most important factors of this are the world-famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo and the coach José Mourinho, who has many successes, and many successful clubs in Europe such as Benfica and Porto. In 2016, Portugal national team won the European Cup by beating France in the final.

To sum up Portugal in general;

  • It is the cheapest country to visit in Europe.
  • It has a friendly and helpful people.
  • Their unique cultures, history, natural beauties and food are definitely worth exploring.
  • There are many traditional and modern colorful and fun festivals in the summer months.
  • You can enjoy the islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches on the coast.

There are cities suitable for both those who want to spend a quiet holiday and those who want to spend an active and fun holiday.



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