Anasayfa 9 Gezi 9 Must-See Places in Russia

Must-See Places in Russia

9 Nov, 2022

According to the latest data, Russia, with a population of approximately 146 million, is the largest country in the world in terms of surface area. Despite its large lands, only 35% of these lands are suitable for settled life. This is due to adverse climatic conditions.

The main export products of Russia, which has an important place in the world economy; petroleum and its products, timber and wood types, natural gas and military supplies.



rusya heykel

Almost all of the Russian people belong to the Orthodox sect of Christianity. However, due to the fact that it is a large country, there are approximately 9 million Muslims, 1 million Buddhists and close to 20 million atheists in the country.

In some cities where job opportunities are high in Russia, such as Moscow, Novasibirsk, Sankt-Petersburg, traffic density can reduce people’s quality of life. In these busy places, people mostly prefer the metro for transportation. Train networks developed especially in crowded cities such as Moscow make people’s lives easier.


Like every country, Russia has festivals that are unique to them and that they celebrate at the same time as the whole world. Let’s be guests at the festivals of the Russians together:


The White Nights Festival, which takes place in St. Petersburg, is held every year in May and July. At this festival, you will be able to watch live performances of Russia’s most famous theater actors, musical groups, dancers, in short, the best artists on Nevsky Street. Known as the Venice of the North. In this festival in St. Petersburg, many entertainment venues are waiting to welcome you until the first light of the morning. It was inspired by the festival of this city in the famous author Dostoyevsky’s novel called White Nights.

If you are thinking of going to Russia and if you are interested in festivals, we recommend that you plan your vacation in May and July.



At the festival in the Nenetes of Yamal region, where you will feel the nature and cold of Russia until the end; You can sledding with reindeer and enjoy unique flavors. The festival coincides with the end of March.


During this festival, which is also known as the pancake festival, delicious pancakes are made. The purpose of this festival, which lasts for a week in February or March, is to welcome spring while saying goodbye to winter.


During the Golden Mask Festival, the address of artistic events, you can watch opera artists and various theater performances in many regions. We recommend art lovers to visit this festival, which takes place in March and April.


It is a national day celebrated by Russians on May 8 every year, where parades are held and military shows are held.





Red Square, one of the most famous symbols of Russia; It is one of the favorite lotions of tourists in Moscow with its colorful domes, historical buildings, and sparkling streets. In addition, the first architectural structure of the city, the Kremlin Palace and St. Basil’s Cathedral are also located in the Red Square area.

It would not be possible to go to Moscow and not return without seeing its unique architecture, which makes a journey into history. When you get off at the metro stops, rather than a stop; You will feel like you have come to a museum, art gallery, or a historical movie set. Moreover, with this metro line, you can easily reach almost anywhere in the city.


Sochi, just north of the Black Sea, is one of the hottest regions of Russia and is the most popular holiday destination. Local and foreign tourists enjoying the sea and the sun on the beach in the summer months can experience skiing sports in the winter months.


St. Petersburg, which attracts attention with its historical and architectural structures as well as festivals, has many points you can visit. Kazan Cathedral, Lenin Mausoleum, Peterhof Palace and Hermitage Museum are just some of them.


If you want to take a walk in the Gorkogo region, east of Moscow, away from the stress of the city and against the river and forest scenery, this should be your first stop in Russia. Because this region really has a peaceful atmosphere where you can embrace nature and relieve all your stress.




rusya yemek

It is one of the most famous dishes of Russian cuisine, in the form of larger triangles than Turkish ravioli and in which cheese and parsley are used instead of minced meat.


Russian Meatballs, fried with special spices the size of a hamburger patty, are served with fried onions and pickled beetroot.


It is a type of ravioli that is divided into two as sweet and salty. Served with a creamy sauce.


Borsh, the basic flavor of Russian food culture; It is blended with meat accompanied by potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage and beets. Borsh with many variations; It offers you the chance to choose not only red meat, but also chicken, fish, mushroom and only vegetables.


It is one of the indispensable practical tastes of Russians. Intense mayonnaise; It emerged by mixing with materials such as potatoes, sausages, olives, pickles and peas.


Russia is a very large country in terms of surface area. For this reason, the air temperature will vary according to the region you will go to. But still, we can say that the best date range to go to Russia is May and September.

To go to Russia, you must have a visa. After getting your visa, you can visit Russia with direct flights from Turkiye.


The local time in Russia using the UTC+3 time zone is the same as in Turkiye. The Russian language, which uses the Cyrillic alphabet in the country, is the only official language of the country.

In the country where the continental climate is dominant, the four seasons are clearly felt. In places where there is a settled life, temperatures exceeding 25 degrees in summer can drop below -15 degrees in winter. In more northern regions, these temperatures can be much lower. It would be useful to research the temperature values of the region you are going to beforehand.



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