On the way to famous touristic areas such as Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye, connected to the Ula district of Muğla, the small fishing town of Akyaka, located between the Gökova Gulf, with its view from the cruise hill, has become one of the most popular holiday resorts of recent years. It is popular because of its natural beauty. Thanks to its never-ending wind, it has become a kitesurf (kitesurfing) destination.

Sightseeing places in Akyaka

Azmak River: The Azmak River, which is famous for its icy water and clarity, flowing from Akyaka to the Gulf of Gökova, is also known as Kazın Azmağı Stream. Although its depth is 10 meters, its water is extremely clear, allowing you to watch the reed and living ecosystems in it. You can join the Azmak boat tour, where you can enter the water but the people who enter cannot withstand the cold for more than 5 minutes, and which also takes 30 minutes and departs every 5 minutes, and you can pass through the long reeds and take a tour in the river.

Akyaka Beach: Akyaka beach, which is known as the public beach and has a blue flag award, is sandy and shallow. It comes from among the rare public beaches where you can eat while swimming, with restaurants and cafes around.

Akyaka Houses: You should visit these houses, which you can see all over Akyaka, which has a unique atmosphere consisting of maximum two-storey houses and wooden buildings will attract your attention.

Akbük Bay: Akbuk Bay, which is a calm, clean and naturally peaceful cove that can be said to be untouched, is located in the first degree natural protected area, the bay is under protection and no concrete is allowed, and it is perfect for swimming with the clear sea surrounded by gum trees, where you can see every shade of blue and green, and small stones.

The Way of Lovers: Walking on the road with more than 200 eucalyptus trees, take photos and videos, ride a bike, in promotions in many movies formed by surrounding eucalyptus trees on a long road and still continue as wedding shoots.

Akyaka Forest Camp: You can enjoy camping in both the sea and the forest, which will make you feel the Mediterranean climate to your bones. Located very close to the sea, with a capacity of hundreds of tents and caravans and hosting various coves, Akyaka cape, aquarium, 72 staircase coves are among the most famous coves. Akyaka forest camp is among the places that can be visited as a place that can be easily preferred by everyone.

Ancient City of Idyma: Idyma Ancient City, located on the hills of Gökova village, is one of the rare historical ruins in Akyaka. It is said to have been built in the 4th century BC, which is thought to have a history of 2500 years. The entrance to the ancient city is free and may attract the attention of history buffs.

Akcapinar Beach and Kitesurfing: Akyaka is one of the most popular windsurfing beaches in Turkiye and the world, thanks to its famous harsh winds and its location at the edge of the sea. Even if there are professionals, even those who do not know can surf by being taught by trained people. At the same time, you can swim in the sea and visit the famous Akçapınar toast and cafes, which are unique to this place.

Shopping and Nightlife in Akyaka: In the center of Akyaka, you will often come across local and natural products, from food to clothes and souvenirs, on the corner or in the markets. Akyaka, which has more calm and relaxing places compared to the tourism resorts around Muğla, usually has live music and DJ performances in businesses located around the coast and on the riverside. There are non-alcoholic places nearby.

Transportation in Akyaka: It is possible to reach Akyaka from all parts of Muğla by minibus, and there are frequent minibus services in the city. For those who do not prefer minibus, they can choose rental cars or rental bikes. You can travel in the same way by joining boat tours in the summer months. It is 1 hour away from Dalaman airport and 2 hours away from Bodrum-Milas airport.

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