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Sightseeing Places In Eskişehir

22 Oct, 2022

Eskişehir, the little getaway of holiday routes, is a host that will fascinate you, whether you are a short holiday stay or a traveler who loves cultural trips. So what is the reason of that?

One of our cities that deserves the name of Eskişehir, you will be able to find traces of life from the Ancient Age (first age) and even the prehistoric Bronze Age in our city, which has been used as a settlement since ancient times. It was also one of the important city centers of Roman, Byzantine and Anatolian cultures. Today, it maintains its importance as a student dormitory with its natural beauties as well as its historical background.

Although there are many universities in Turkiye, what could be the reason for the title of Student Dormitory? The big parks where you can lie on the lawns that you can see here and there? To provide pleasant transportation by taking a bicycle tour? Or for all kinds of entertainment? Let’s start to tell about our city that creates harmony with the calmness and order given by the history, the active and enthusiastic structure of the youth…


Are those who want to travel while having a pleasant holiday in Eskişehir? First of all, let’s recommend you a few places to stay… If you have limited time and a busy travel schedule, you may want to stay in more affordable hostels like us in our city, which is a little more convenient than four or five-star hotels, where you will get comfortable service.


Since it is the first settlement of Eskişehir, we say that you should visit the historical houses from the Ottoman period, which have been restored in accordance with their original form. These houses, which are beautiful both day and night… Their colorful paints during the daytime give importance to privacy, which has a traditional courtyard-sofa that resembles the architecture of Thessaloniki and Safranbolu. These Ottoman houses, which you can observe and welcome guests, are waiting for you with a magnificent view that will be transferred to the paintings under dim light at night.


Ottoman historical houses in Odunpazarı. It is an amazing time Venice in Eskişehir, you can not stand touching the water when you get on the gondola at Porsuk Stream.

In this region, which divides Eskişehir into two sides, you can see many cafes that appeals to your taste, it is a good idea have a break one of them.


Do you believe in fairy tales or are those castles only in cartoons? Here you go, Masal Castle Let’s invite you to a small tour in this castle, we would highly recommend spending your whole day just in the Sazova Park.

  • Dream Castle; (known as Eskişehir’s Disneyland Castle) is the first place that children will go by dragging you after a few minutes of staring at them, but you will actually be able to see a meticulous design from 8 important masterpieces of Turkiye (Galata-Maiden’s Tower, Topkapı Palace, Bell Tower, etc.). statues, Land of Legends (the aim of the narrative here is to introduce Turkish culture and legends. Of course, you will be more amazed by the guide accompanying you on the castle tour.
  • Pirate Ship; Another favorite of children is the pirate ship standing next to an artificial pond, but a painstaking work is the realistic replica design work of the May Flower ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Sabancı Space House is a branch of the Science Experiment Center in Sazova park. With the giant ball view made with the support of the Sabancı Foundation, informative three-dimensional presentations are made with the universe, stars and travelers in the facility and you can feel like an astronaut.
  • The Zoo and the Underwater World of Eti; the section where you will enter the animal kingdom that will catch your eye together with adults who warn them, you will not notice how time passes children’s favorite places.
  • Japanese Garden; this is the part where you will continue the tour without stopping with different landscape works that have an atmosphere that will relax you when you feel overwhelmed by the crowd and examine the surroundings.
  • Esminyaturk; A painstaking work, a section that you will really call labor, you will increase your general culture by reading the informational article in front of each miniature, examining the work, and then the time you want to read the article again.




Historical travel advice, let’s start from the times when history began to be written You will start to get excited from the stairs of the monument built during the Phrygian period.


A valley adorned with rock monuments that will immerse you in thought; While working these big rocks requires power and craftsmanship, embellishing them like embroidery is a fine artistic understanding, historical artifacts, how they were thought at that time, maybe the inspiration given by faith.


During the Anatolian Seljuk State, a mosque was built behind the tomb of Sayyid Battal Gazi. It is one of our important historical monuments that many sultans such as Suleiman the Magnificent and Mehmet the Conqueror valued and had additional structures and repairs made. There are many sections you can visit including tombs, mosque, madrasah, dervish lodge, soup kitchen.




It is Turkiye first wax sculptures museum. It categorizes important people according to the periods in which they took place, for example; Mustafa Kemal and his family, World leaders, Cinema, etc., without forgetting the legendary staff of black and red, you will have a pleasant time in the halls with the feeling of touch at your fingertips and a smile on your face.


We are sure that you will be interested in the exterior of the restored historical building, which has been turned into a museum, before you enter the Odunpazarı, where you can visit the wax sculptures museum without wasting time, and yes, of course, this art center is one of the firsts of Turkiye. As you see the works made of glass, your admiration will increase. You can examine many national and international arts inside, and you can visit the Urban Memory Museum on the top floor to learn about the history of the city.


The other name of the stone, from which the majority of its production is extracted in the world, is Eskişehir stone. Statues, trinkets, pipes, etc. You can see the works.


Another historical building has been originally restored and turned into a museum. As you guess it is Odunpazarı. The museum is dedicated to the War of Independence, Mustafa Kemal, Fevzi Çakmak, İsmet İnönü, Refet Bele… You can recall many names from Mustafa Kemal’s comrades to Kara Fatma (Fatma Seher), Abdullah Azmi.

At the same time, with the help of technology, the museum has succeeded in gaining the appreciation of little history lovers and becoming the center of attention. It was instructive while entertaining and entertaining science and history such as the touch screen, strategy and presentation room.


The museum consists of three parts; animal-plant fossils belonging to the Old Bronze, Hittite and Phrygian ages, coins belonging to the ancient and Islamic eras, and the last part, where stone artifacts are exhibited, is a museum where history lovers will spend time with interest while comparing the symbols on the coins, we spent a lot of time comparing the symbols on the coins…


It is an open air museum in which there are many aircraft and helicopter models, aircraft engines, mock-up designed aircraft, as well as pilot’s clothes.


Our museum, which is one of the meeting places of art lovers where nature and art meet, of course welcomes you as a restored museum in Odunpazarı.

Many of our guests from Eskişehir have a unique conservative holiday experience during their stay at the Zehra Group facilities in Oludeniz, the stop in Fethiye, which is the holiday route. The women-only swimming area of ​​Zehra Kuleli Beach is appreciated by the guests of Eskişehir. Call the call center now for autumn campaigns. Make a reservation to take advantage of the end of season discounts.

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