Planning a family vacation can be tough, especially when it comes to deciding on a destination that will be enjoyable for everyone while also being affordable. Families often struggle to choose from the many options available and to find a balance between fun activities and a budget that works for them. However the situation is often misunderstood; because the perception that vacationing with the family is more expensive than vacationing with fewer people is not true, with small changes in the places where you want to stay and when you take a look at the services included in the price in the facilities to be preferred, it is possible to make a suitable holiday for the family at very affordable prices.

Zehra Villas and Zehra Hotel are great options to consider for families who would like to rent an entire apartment or villa for their vacation. These types of accommodations offer the comfort of home and are usually more affordable than other options. By renting an apartment or villa, you can also prepare your own meals and save money. Additionally, if you’re looking for a more private and conservative vacation, these accommodations often come with a private pool that only you and your family can use.

When viewed as a conservative holiday, beautiful conservative villas at reasonable prices are very popular for families. If we think of a place for a conservative and affordable family holiday, the first place that comes to mind is Fethiye. Because Fethiye is one of the most important addresses of cultural heritage with its strong history dating back to the 5th century BC. It is a place with cultural sites protected by UNESCO, its unique blue sea, and remnants from the ancient Lycian culture. There are also beautiful activity options for all vacationers with entertainment spots. It has always been the most popular holiday destination. You can visit Fethiye’s world-famous entertainment places and historical sites. Fethiye, which has suitable holiday activities for families, hosts tourists from all over the world every year.

Another option could be Altınoluk. Altınoluk is a beautiful and charming seaside town located in the Edremit district of Balıkesir. It offers the opportunity to vacation in a rich and fresh oxygenated air with the beautiful blue of the Aegean Sea on one side and the clean air of Mount Kazdağı on the other. Altınoluk is a preferred destination for asthma patients. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that it is a corner of paradise. The sea is crystal clear and clean, although the beach is not sandy but pebbled, which adds a unique atmosphere. In Altınoluk, enjoying the sea during the day and wandering around the various shops in the Altınoluk bazaar in the evenings to buy handmade products and regional products to make your loved ones happy is a special experience.

Another beautiful place for a family holiday is undoubtedly the district of Akçay in Edremit. Akçay is a town located 8 km away from the center of Edremit. It is located right in the middle of Edremit Bay. Akçay is a place where the clear blue sea meets the lush green nature of the Kaz Mountains, creating a peaceful atmosphere. Akçay is a town rich in oxygen due to the Kaz Mountains. It is generally considered the pearl of the North Aegean with its sandy beaches, olive trees, and thermal springs. You must try the sardines in Akçay. They are available all year round. You should also taste the unique flavor of the gum and cinnamon ice cream along the Akçay coastline. While in Akçay, don’t leave without visiting the place where the ice-cold spring water from the Kaz Mountains flows, as well as Hasan Boğuldu, which is hidden deep in the forest.

When considered as another destination, we can suggest Marmara Island as a place that is suitable for conservative and family vacations. Marmara Island consists of 10 islands, with the largest being Marmara Island and another being Avşa Island, both of which are connected to the Marmara district. The smallest island with a very small population is the 3rd island, Ekinlik. We can also mention another known island called Paşalimanı. It is prominent with its calmness, silence, and green areas. Life moves slowly here.

Marmara Island has 5 settlements outside of its center: Asmalı, Saraylar, Topağaç, Çınarlı Köyü, and Gündoğdu. You shouldn’t leave the island without trying the island’s own herbal tea and ice cream, or you may regret it. What more could you want for a peaceful and good family vacation than sea, sand, and sun? And let’s not forget about the unique sunset views, like a painting on a postcard, and the beautiful places where the blue of the sea meets the greens. Marmara Island is a popular choice among conservative families for a vacation without alcohol, and Çınarlı Köyü is especially suitable for a conservative vacation. We cannot skip the Ören region of Burhaniye while talking about vacation spots, which is known as a sweet vacation town in the Balıkesir Burhaniye district of the Aegean region. It is surrounded by Ayvalık on the south and Kaz Mountains on the north. It is a place with one of the widest beaches in Turkiye. The neighboring Gömeç and Pelitköy areas are a true heaven of olive trees, especially the Pelitköy region that extends up to Gömeç has become an indispensable place for summer visitors.


Where is Ören and how to get there?

The Ören region in Burhaniye offers a peaceful, good, and affordable vacation opportunity to holidaymakers with its Blue Flag sea, golden sandy beach, and pine forests that you can often see up to the beach. The Ören region is built exactly on top of the ancient Adramyttion city. Ören is like a Hidden Paradise with its sea, beach, nature, mystical atmosphere, and oxygen richness.

Ören is known for its three local areas: Öğretmenler Mahallesi, Iskele, and the main Ören area. The season in Ören starts late and ends early, so the peak tourist season runs from the beginning of July to the end of August. In September, the region is mostly visited by holidaymakers who have been there before and prefer it. The best and most family-friendly time for a holiday is when the fishing season opens and the cool, oxygen-rich air from the nearby Kaz Mountains adds to the beauty of the area.

Finally, Erdek is the last holiday destination that I would like to mention as a suitable place for families. Erdek is located on the coastal area of the Marmara Sea, on the southwest side of the Kapıdağ Peninsula. Erdek is known as another tourism paradise of Turkey with its natural beauties, clean air and beaches. We recommend you to visit the Kyzikos Ancient City and Seyitgazi Hill around Erdek. The places you should see with boat tours are Avşa, Marmara, Zeytinli and Paşalimanı islands. Speaking of the time to go to Erdek, Erdek is a region with a Marmara climate, therefore, it reflects this climate to local and foreign tourists who visit there. That’s why the summer months are hot and dry, while the winter months are mild and generally rainy. The time to visit Erdek depends entirely on the preferences and desires of family holiday lovers. We can recommend summer months for visitors who want to have a suitable family holiday on a beautiful beach. For guests who want to see the natural beauties and explore the area, we suggest choosing spring or winter months to visit. Additionally, due to Erdek’s geographical location, the cuisine of the Marmara and Aegean regions is more common in the area. In addition to the region’s various flavors in summer and winter months, there are also nice places for those who want to taste flavors from world cuisine in a few specific places.

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