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The Second Safe Country In The World Qatar

23 Oct, 2022

Qatar, which occupies the second position in the ranking of the safest countries in the world, is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. The crime rate is so low that people can leave their cars running when they go to the market.

In addition to being a safe country, Qatar also finds itself at the top of the ranking of the richest countries. the increasing level of prosperity with the discovery of oil reserves in 1940 is also effective in continuing their economy by growing by 10% every year today.


Almost all of the people of Qatar are Muslims. Although Arabic is the main language in Qatar, which is mostly made up of Arabs, the high number of people coming here from different countries to work has made English the second language in the country. People from different countries, mainly India, Pakistan, Philippines, China, Nepal, constitute a significant part of this country’s workforce.

Although there is no written rule, the people of Qatar, who have a conservative society, pay attention to wearing clothes that are generally at knee level and off the shoulder. There is no obligation to wear a headscarf or cover up in the country. Wearing short shorts is prohibited during Ramadan and all businesses are closed. During Friday prayers, all businesses are closed for 2 hours.

The state of Qatar does not demand electricity, water, hospital and education expenses from the local people. The state of Qatar, which attaches great importance to education, also covers the education expenses of local students who want to go abroad, on the condition that they return to the country after completing their education. It is aimed to make sure that its people are well educated as oil reserves will be depleted in the future, and to make people come to Qatar from abroad by investing in advanced training centers in the country and to become the education center of the Middle East.




Falcons have a special place in Arab countries. The falcons, which are the symbols of competition, power and nobility, display their skills at events held in January every year. While the trainers are fighting for their falcons to be the first, the audience follows this competition with great interest.

Deve festivali katar


Camels have been with the Arabs throughout history and have helped them. The most beautiful camel competition is organized every year in order to keep the cultural heritage alive and to attract interest in tourism. The camel owner who wins the competition is awarded a cash prize.

Qatar, which hosts many sports events such as Formula1, Moto gp, Tennis, Golf and Football, which is followed by the whole world, as well as local and traditional events, has an important place in world sports. Qatar, which makes significant investments in sports culture; In 2022, modern stadiums were built for the World Cup.




Qatar’s capital, Doha, is also the most populous and vibrant city. Here you can visit museums with historical and Islamic artifacts, explore Souq Waqif and Corniche.


The Aspire Tower, built in 2006, has taken its place among the iconic symbols of Qatar. You can watch the unique view of the city from the summit of Aspire Tower, the highest peak of Qatar, provide accommodation in the luxury hotel in the tower or enjoy your meal in the classy restaurant against the city view.


With the artificial island project, which was initiated due to the prohibition of real estate sales to people other than local people in the country, foreigners also had the right to purchase real estate. On this artificial island of more than 4 million square meters; luxury restaurants, many residences, plazas, beach and shopping centers, parking lot, in short, a very large living space.

The Pearl of Qatar, the largest man-made artifact of the Middle East, located in Doha, the capital of Qatar; Luxury buildings and residences, where Arab and European architecture are blended, and tolerance and multiculturalism are among the places you should visit.

Before the discovery of oil and natural gas reserves in the country, fishing and pearl hunting were practiced. It is for this reason that the Pearl Qatar is designed in the form of a Pearl.

katar çöl safarisi


One of the activities you should definitely do when you go to Qatar is the desert safari. It will be an unforgettable activity for you to explore the sand dunes, which offer a unique atmosphere both day and night, by renting ATVs and jeeps. In short, an enjoyable desert rally awaits you in Qatar.


Qatar is not just a desert, a city with magnificent buildings or historical places. You can stay on Banana Island, where the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf and the beaches of the island meet, or you can use the beaches as a day trip from outside.


Another point where you can swim in Qatar is the Zekreet beach. You can even camp here if you wish.

Qatar is a country that attaches great importance to culture and art. Therefore, there are many art galleries and museums you can visit. We can list the main ones for you as follows:





Although it is similar to our stuffed meatballs, its material is different. Prepared by frying a combination of chickpeas and fresh legumes blended with various spices, this flavor will appeal to everyone who loves intense taste.


These small snacks, which resemble Turkish pide in content, are different in shape. Triangular doughs can be used for minced meat, cheese, potatoes, etc. It is prepared by baking the ingredients.


Shawarma, consisting of a combination of special sauces and delicious meat in thin lavash, is among the flavors of Qatar that suit our taste.

Eggplant Fatteh

This special flavor prepared with lamb, eggplant, carrot, cumin and yoghurt in addition to lavash-like breads is preferred because it is both light and satisfying.


The rice; Maftool, which is cooked by combining chicken, camel or goat meat with a special sauce, is one of the most preferred main dishes in Arab countries.



In general, the desert climate is dominant in Qatar. If you do not want to encounter the unbearable heat of the summer months, it would be better to go in October-April. However, if you come across summer months, you should definitely take a jacket with you. Because air-conditioned environments in all closed places will be cold, you are likely to get sick when you enter the cold air from 40-50 degrees.

Qatar is one of the countries in the Middle East that loves to host tourists. It offers visa-free entry to more than 80 countries, including Turkiye.



The official language of Qatar is Arabic. The country with a population of approximately 2.7 million uses the UTC+3 time zone like Turkiye.

As one of the most urbanized societies in the world, almost all of the people of Qatar live in cities. The people of Qatar, who attach great importance to their privacy, prefer to live in detached houses instead of apartments.

To sum up, after the discovery of oil reserves, Qatar is a country that has enriched its state treasury and increased its per capita income. Although not in all parts of the country, it is necessary to be careful about dress in some parts of the country. In Qatar, which has a religious structure, life comes to a standstill, especially during Ramadan. We can say that Qatar, which stands out with its culture, art, sports, natural beauties and luxury buildings, is one of the favorite tourism regions of the Middle East.



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