Anasayfa 9 Genel 9 Tips Of Accommodation In The Hotel

Tips Of Accommodation In The Hotel

27 Apr, 2023

When choosing a place to stay, try to act as planned and in advance as possible. Make your early reservations before you set out on your journey.

The star rating of the place you stay does not necessarily indicate its quality, but rather the abundance and variety of services it offers. Of course, these can also be indicators of quality, but it is much more important to know the level of preparation. Therefore, the evaluations and star ratings given by guests who have stayed at the hotel, which are abundantly available on internet sites, are a better and more accurate guide than the number of stars the hotel has.

Sometimes having too many stars and increasing the luxury and superior quality of the hotel can cost you more than you need. You won’t have parking problems at an ordinary roadside hotel, and you won’t have to pay for parking either. However, at high-end luxury hotels with many stars and close to city centers, in addition to the already expensive room rates, you may encounter extra payments for various items such as room service and parking fees.

If you want to save money during your stay at the hotel, you should take a vacation in an all-inclusive concept hotel. When you are bored, free food and beverage options and activities included in the concept are provided.

Breakfast is another important point to consider. In almost all hotels throughout our country, breakfast service is included in the price and it is usually good. It is an important convenience for domestic travelers to be able to choose from a variety of options, as well as being suitable for their habits and taste, due to the buffet feature in most hotels. It is a common problem that people who are used to these conditions in Turkiye cannot find this type of breakfast in some places abroad, and some of those they find may be chargeable. Moreover, the limited options of suitable breakfast types is also a problem that we frequently witness.

Our needs are also changing with advanced technology. The presence of internet service in hotel rooms, and its availability in free or cheapest form is an important factor for those seeking internet connection. There are hotels in our country that provide this service, but they are generally paid and expensive. European countries are also similar to Turkiye in this regard. However, with the internet becoming a necessary need and competition, prices are decreasing or becoming free every day.

If you are a non-smoker, it is also important that the room you stay in is ‘non-smoking’. No matter how much your room is cleaned, ventilated, and scented, it is impossible to remove the smell that permeates the items in the room. This situation also applies to smokers. When a person who stays in a non-smoking room smokes, they realize that the situation is uncomfortable when they have to go outside the room every time they want to smoke.

There are many factors that vary from room size to bed dimensions, mini-fridges placed in rooms, and heating systems in the rooms. In the US, the “twin” beds that we use as single beds are almost never found in any hotel. We can say that the US style is generally wider, larger, and more comfortable in both beds and many other aspects, and their reservation systems are much faster. However, it is also a fact that in the old and historic hotels in Europe, which have their own unique atmosphere and aesthetics, it is impossible to find the same ambiance and style as in other places.

Room Types

  1. Single Room: These are room types that can accommodate only one person. They may have a single or twin bed.
  2. Double Room: Room types with separate beds for two people.
  3. Triple Room: These are room types where three people can stay, suitable for families with a child and a spouse.
  4. Deluxe Rooms are slightly larger than standard rooms, typically with a bigger bed and more closet space. They may also include a small seating area.
  5. Suit Rooms (Junior Suite, Corner Suite, King Suite): These are usually the most luxurious rooms in a hotel. Suite rooms are the largest rooms in the hotel, and they often feature additional areas such as a separate sitting room, a work desk, and a dining area. Additionally, the bathrooms in suite rooms often include a bathtub or jacuzzi in addition to a shower cabin.

It is advisable to always remember to bring your own soap or shampoo, even if you are staying in a top-level hotel. It is also a good idea to bring a pair of slippers, and if possible, carry your own drinking water with you.

That’s absolutely right! Making an early reservation not only saves your budget but also ensures that you have a guaranteed spot for your accommodation and transportation. It also gives you more time to plan your trip and make any necessary arrangements in advance. Additionally, many hotels and airlines offer special discounts and promotions for those who make early reservations, which can add up to significant savings.

If you are planning a vacation with an early reservation, it will be helpful to clarify your answers to a few questions to make the most suitable choice for your expectations. For example, what kind of vacation do you want to have? What is the most suitable time period for your vacation? What are your expectations from the hotel where you will stay? Is your priority food and drink, the sea, the facilities provided by the hotel, or entertainment? For example, if you have a family vacation plan, you can take advantage of early reservation hotels that offer children-friendly services. If you are planning a honeymoon vacation in the summer and your dates are clear, there are multiple hotels that offer special services for couples in the honeymoon concept. If you choose a hotel that is suitable for the concept you desire during the early reservation process, you can turn your vacation dream into a reality without taking risks and with peace of mind.

It is a common situation to forget things while traveling. Therefore, it’s advisable to charge all your devices such as phone, laptop, camera, and headphones, as soon as you arrive at your room when you’re tired. Also, it’s important to check all the devices that you usually forget to pack in the morning and put them in your bag before you leave. Wishing you a pleasant trip without forgetting anything.


Conservative hotels, also known as Islamic hotels, are hotels that provide services that comply with Islamic principles and values. These hotels offer facilities and services such as halal food, separate swimming pools for men and women, prayer rooms, and rooms that are suitable for families. In addition, these hotels may have dress codes and may not serve alcohol or permit smoking in public areas. Conservative hotels have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among Muslim travelers who seek to adhere to their religious beliefs while traveling.

Islamic hotels are holiday hotels that take into consideration the sensitivities of conservative families and design their hotel structure and cuisine accordingly.

Islamic hotels are vacation hotels that provide services by taking into account the sensitivities of conservative families and designing their hotel structure and cuisine based on these sensitivities. In Islamic hotels, there are separate swimming pools for men and women. There are enclosed pools for women, and boys over 6 years old cannot enter these pools. Similarly, girls over 6 years old cannot enter the men’s pool. In addition, the Spas and Turkish baths in the facilities are divided into two for men and women. Beauty center and fitness are also separate. Islamic hotel restaurants are full of a variety of Turkish cuisine flavors.

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