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Treasures Of The Mediterranean Region!

20 Mar, 2022

The Mediterranean region has the developed cities of Turkiye and many local and foreign visitors come here annually. Fethiye is the place where the heart of tourism beats in the Mediterranean, which has magnificent places to admire while visiting. Fethiye, which is a city with beautiful places, has untouched natural beauties and places famous for its scenery. Fethiye, where the most luxurious hotels and entertainment venues are located, also has other places youcan visit together. These places, which are historical architectures, are works from very ancient times. There are ancient cities that you must see in the Mediterranean region, which is known for its sea, sand, beaches, natural beauties and historical beauties.

Akdeniz Mutfagı


Mediterranean cuisine is a world famous cuisine. Mediterranean cuisine, which uses different varieties of vegetables and meat products, is ideal for those who want to both eat healthy and make delicious meals. Mediterranean cuisine, which is also known as the intersection of different cultures, especially includes the countries around the Mediterranean. Lemon, orange, mint, parsley and seafood are often used in Mediterranean cuisine. Different appetizers are served with the meals.The most important foods of Mediterranean cuisine are olive, wheat and spice varieties. Seafood is more popular than red meat in Mediterranean cuisine. So, what are the famous dishes of Mediterranean cuisine? Here, let us share with you a few of the delicious dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine.

Testi Kebabı


Testi kebab, which has an important place in Turkish cuisine, takes its name from cooking the meat in a jug. Lamb or mutton meat is used in its production. It can be enriched with seafood upon request.


One of the most consumed fish in Mediterranean cuisine issalmon. However, instead of serving the salmon alone, it is served with a sauce of peppers, tomatoes and carrots.

Side Antik Kenti

Side Ancient City

The Mediterranean region is the tourism point of the country and thousands of tourists come here annually. There are places you need to see and visit in the Mediterranean, which has enormous places. Side Antique City is one of these places and its history dates back to ancient times. There are very valuable ruins in the ancient city of Side, which is among the places that tourists coming to the Mediterranean region must visit. The ancient city of Side is one of the places you should definitely visit in the Mediterranean region and is in the province of Antalya. The ancient city of Side, which is a must-see, was built in the 7th century BC. This historical city, which is intertwined with the sea, has a fascinating view with its natural beauty. You can reach the city center of Antalya to see the ancient city of Side, which also has ruins found in the excavations.

Egirdir Gölü

Lake Egirdir

The Mediterranean region, where thousands of tourists come annually, has the most important places in our country. Egirdir Lake is one of the places you should see in the Mediterranean region, which has magnificent places. Egirdir Lake, which has a unique beauty, is located in Isparta. Egirdir Lake, the 4th largest freshwater lake in the country, has a magnificent view with its 50 km length.

Mamure Kalesi

Mamure Castle

The Mediterranean region has many unique places worth seeing, and Mamure Castle is one of them. Located in Mersin province, Mamure Castle is 8 km from Anamur district. Mamure Castle, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year, was built on ancient ruins. There are also historical castles to visit in Mersin, which is one of the cities with the most beautiful places and places in the Mediterranean. Mamure Castle is one of them and it was restored by Karamanoğulları. This castle, whose construction is unknown, consists of five towers, inner courtyard and fountains. You can take transportation from the city center to come to the castle of Mamure, which is a must-see.



Marmaris is one of the 13 districts of Muğla that stand out with its legendary natural and historical beauties. Located at the intersection of the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions and hosting hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, Marmaris is a heavenly destination with its natural harbor, coastline decorated with palm trees and its architecture. Nature, sports, entertainment, peace, sea, sun, sand, history, culture, You can explore beautiful coves by boats in Marmaris, which is a charming holiday destination that can meet all your expectations for its vibrant and lively nightlife and delicious local cuisine. There are many places to visit and see in and around Marmaris with its villages, ancient cities, picnic areas, national parks and magnificent nature.

Antalya Deniz karesi


Antalya is one of our big cities in the Mediterranean region where the Mediterranean climate prevails. With its warm climate, clean and beautiful beaches and sea, it has become one of the important tourism paradises visited by many local and foreign tourists, especially in summer. Although people often think of the trio of sea, sand and sun when Antalya is mentioned, another famous trio
of Antalya also comes to mind for food and beverage enthusiasts. This trio in question; Meatball, piyaz and pumpkin dessert. Antalya has been one of our important cities both as a holiday paradise and in terms of gastronomy. A trip to Antalya promises a lot of cultural things to a person. In addition to its natural and historical beauties, it is one of the places that food lovers will love with its rich cuisine. Antalya cuisine; It is known as a kitchen with Mediterranean cuisine inspired by Mediterranean vegetables, olive oil and seafood. If you have explored Antalya, you can visit many historical places in Antalya and enjoy the local dishes here. In other words, a trip to Antalya will allow you to discover insatiable flavors both visually and in terms of a feast.

Kuş Adası


It is one of the most important tourism centers of Turkiye with its historical, natural and cultural richness. The district of Aydın, which hosts
hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, its turquoise sea, kilometers long beaches, the natural beauties of the Dilek Peninsula and Büyük Menderes Delta National Park, offers an unforgettable holiday experience. In the historical center of Kusadasi, which has a colorful nightlife, there are restaurants serving beautiful Aegean flavors, historical buildings and a beautiful sparkling marina. It is also very close to historical stops such as Kuşadası, Ephesus Ancient City, Virgin Mary, Priene and Milet.


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Now you want to spend your holidays enjoying your own summer house? You have made your savings and all that remains is to choose the cottage, at this point the most important decision you have to make will be the location of the cottage. There are many alternatives to buy a summer house in Turkiye. Some of these alternatives do not meet the expectations in terms of location, and some are very expensive, but it is also possible to find summer houses with reasonable prices and a beautiful location. It is almost everyone’s dream to own a villa, especially in the Muğla region. But it is also possible to both invest and earn by buying a villa, in this regard, fethiye, the apple of the eye of the Aegean and
the Mediterranean Sea, is indisputably the best option.



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