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Tropic Islands Country: Indonesia

31 Oct, 2022

In the tropical country where it is estimated that there are about 17 thousand islands of various sizes; There is a wide range of habitats from modern cities to primitive tribes. While there are around 6,000 settlements on these islands, the most famous of them is Bali Island. We will mention about the island of Bali in detail in the following parts of our article.

There are many reasons to visit Indonesia. Some visitors meet the azure waters on their unique beaches on their islands, some go to explore the deep equatorial forests, and some go to enjoy the luxury hotels in their modern cities. Of course, things to do in this unique island country are not limited to this. Let’s continue to have a look at the culture, people and places to discover of this country together!



Muslims make up the majority of the country with 87%, while Christians, Buddhists and believers in Hinduism are in the minority. Because it is a large country, beliefs, lifestyle and language can vary from region to region.

As in many Asian countries, there are some superstitions in Indonesia. Although it is a generally tolerant society, it may be necessary to pay attention to their clothing as they are conservative in areas where local people are concentrated.

endonezya festival


There are many festivals in Indonesia. The theme of these festivals; religion varies from region to region in the form of food, traditional clothes, gifts and various decorations. Let’s take a closer look at these colorful and meaningful festivals:


The aim of the Galungan Festival, one of the most important Hindu festivals in Indonesia; to commemorate the spirit of their ancestors and drive away evil spirits from around the house. For this, fireworks shows, local dance shows and banquets are organized together with music.


Although it is normally a Buddhist celebration, a large part of Indonesia attends the event. Every year in May and June, Indonesia commemorates the day of birth, enlightenment and death with bright decorations.


In this traditional Indonesian festival, which is similar to throwing a javelin in our country, local clothes are worn and the opponents are tried to be knocked down with sticks called hola. It is thought that this game, which is quite dangerous, was first organized to settle disputes between tribes in the past.


As in our country, the religion of Islam is widespread in Indonesia. That’s why Indonesian people fast during Ramadan every year and try to spend time with their loved ones during iftar. Since the country is close to the equator line, the length of the days does not change and there is always a fast of 14 hours. Although not all people fast, out of respect, it is not allowed to eat in the open during Ramadan.

5- Boat Race

In the boat race held on August 17, when Indonesia declared its independence, long decorated boats are made from various trees. These races, in which about 20 people row in a rowboat, attract great attention from both locals and tourists.




Indonesia’s most romantic region, Bali, the favorite of honeymooners, has so many features that can be written and talked about that one wonders where to start. So much so that it should be considered separately as places to visit special to Bali. Here are some places you can go in Bali:


Among the most shared and liked Bali photos on Instagram are the terraces where you can take the lush rice fields behind you and immortalize your moment. We say that you should definitely see the rice fields in the Tegallalang region where you can take these postcard photos and stretch your feet against the view on the giant swings.


If you want to feel closer to nature, you should definitely visit Ubud. In Ubud, a peaceful region intertwined with its culture; You can stay in houses with old temple architecture, explore the lush green forests where you will find peace, or visit the Monkey Forest in this region. Although these cute friends of ours, who are quite close to people, are harmless, we recommend you to be careful.


It is not possible to go to another country and return without getting to know the culture and people of that country. At GWK CENTER, where you will feel the cultural-historical atmosphere of Indonesia, special shows with beautiful sculptures, traditional clothes and music will be waiting for you.



Watching movements from time to time in the active Agung Volcano nearby can cause this historical temple to lose visitors. This historical temple, nicknamed the ‘Gates of Heaven’, is the most famous temple in Bali, and one of the most visited by tourists. 


Do not think that Bali is just about culture, history and nature. Seminyak, one of the most developed areas of Bali, is a developed place that is popular with tourists. You will be a fan of romantic Beach Clubs and endless beaches where you can watch the sunset in this area.



 Amed, located in the eastern part of the island; With its famous temples and deep blue waters where you can dive, it is among the regions that should be explored again.


Gili Islands, one of the most magical islands of Indonesia, is an island that we especially recommend to honeymooners. If you go here, we recommend you to see the exotic Nest Sculptures, which represent underwater life and continuity.


Nusa Penida Beach, which is shown among the most beautiful beaches in the world; It has a hard way to reach. However, we can say that every step you take with its semolina-like sandy beach and clean water will be worth it.


Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, stands out with its cultural and historical heritage. Let’s take a look at these historical legacies together:

-Istiqlal Mosque

Calling its name from the word independence, this historical mosque, which is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, was built in 1978.

Merdeka Square

There are many places you can visit and visit around Merdeka Square, one of the largest squares in the world.

Ancol Theme Park

Whether you come with your family, your child or alone, you can have fun like children at Ancol Theme Park, which is open 24 hours a day.

-Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

In this miniature park, which is a mini Indonesia as the name suggests, you can see miniature examples of the country’s popular places and get preliminary information about the places you want to visit.


-Jin De Yuan Temple

This temple, which has been standing since 1755, is another important cultural heritage that should be seen in Jakarta.

-Thousand Islands

There are tours where you can visit these islands by small boats, which are the most beautiful point of Jakarta where you will meet nature away from the city. If you wish, you can camp on an island you like, dine at small businesses on the islands, discover unique beaches or just enjoy the exquisite views and return.



Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng, which means fried rice, is prepared with different recipes from region to region. In general, it is served by adding chicken, seafood or egg mixture to rice.

Beef Rendang

This dish, which is prepared by blending veal with various spices and cooking on a slow fire, is among the most delicious dishes you should taste in Indonesia.


Chicken, veal, rabbit meat or mutton are cooked on charcoal on thin skewers. It is usually served with peanut sauce.

Nasi Rawon

Nasi Rawon, one of the most rooted dishes of the island of Java, is a soup that is usually served with rice. You can easily find this special soup, in which black hazelnut spice gives flavor to meat, in many restaurants in Indonesia.


There are two types of Bakso, one of Indonesia’s most popular street foods. In the first, delicious round meatballs are served with noodles and rice, while the other is served in the form of meatball soup.

Ikan Bakar

Since Indonesia is a country of islands, naturally seafood is also important. We recommend you to taste this delicacy, prepared by cooking the fish in special sauces over coal fire.



There are direct flights from Istanbul to Denpasar. After a flight of approximately 13 hours, you can reach Indonesia from Turkiye and travel without a visa for 30 days.

Located in the equatorial region, Indonesia is hot all year long. However, there are two different periods you can go to due to the monsoon rains along with the tropical climate. If you don’t like very hot temperatures, you can choose between November and March. However, in April and October, the number of visitors is higher in the dry season. It is up to you.




  •  The official language of Indonesia, which uses the UTC+7 time zone, is Indonesian. The second most spoken language is Java.
  •     The islands, which have a very exotic atmosphere, are also the only home of the komodo dragons in the world.
  •     There are 130 active volcanoes. In some of these volcanoes, activity can be seen from time to time.
  •    Traffic flows on the left. If you have a driver’s license, it is also valid in this country. However, it may take time to get used to the heavy traffic flowing on the left. That’s why tourists use more motorcycle rental options.

When you go to Indonesia, you should definitely try the famous Bali Massage. Bali Massage, which calms both the soul and the body, when applied by a professional, blood flow, body and mind become calm and harmonious.



First of all, let us tell our Indonesian guests that Turkiye is a Muslim country. That’s why we have conservative facilities for a peaceful holiday with your loved ones. Moreover, there are many mosques around you where you can worship.

Since you are not used to cold weather, we recommend that you come to Turkiye between March and October. We have no doubt that you will love the mild climate of the Mediterranean. If you come to Muğla/Fethiye, we will be happy to host you as Zehra Group. In our conservative/family holiday concept, we have a holiday village, hotel or, if you wish, private sheltered villa for rent. Moreover, you can get food service in our villas. All our accommodation facilities are approximately 5 km from the world famous Ölüdeniz Beach.

Apart from our accommodation facilities, we also have our own women’s/family beach. There are separate areas for men and women on our beach. You can easily reach this unique beach with special services for our guests staying in our facility.


Let’s check what we can do and where we can visit in Fethiye, then go on reading our article.

There are many natural and historical beauties, museums, paragliding activities in Babadağ, and daily boat tours in the world-famous OLUDENIZ (BLUE LAGOON) that you need to discover in FETHIYE. We have a team that helps you to have an enjoyable holiday plan with the tour companies we have contracted with. Our team, who knows Fethiye well, is ready to assist you in matters such as cable car, parachute, jeep safari, boat tour, ATV tour, VIP airport transfer, car rental, according to your preference.

For more detailed article about places to visit in Fethiye, you can check our Fethiye blog from the link below.

You can call our CALL CENTER at +90 252 616 68 99 or + 90 539 465 38 88 to get answers to all your questions and to make a RESERVATION at our facilities.

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