Bodrum, one of the paradise holiday centers of Muğla, is located approximately 110 kilometers from Muğla city center. You can also reach Bodrum from the airport in Milas, another district of Muğla. You can go to Bodrum with your own vehicle on a fairy-tale journey through magnificent pine forests. Bodrum is known as an indispensable holiday center especially for local holidaymakers. On the other hand, it is the holiday center where famous artists, sportsmen, businessmen and other professionals from the country spend their summer holidays. When you think of Bodrum, the first thing that comes to mind is narrow cobbled streets with houses with white walls and colorfully painted windows and doors. These beauties were reflected on the canvases by many artists. Beautiful and valuable paintings emerged. Many songs were even composed for him. The most famous of these is the song “Bodrum Bodrum” by MAZHAR & FUAT & ÖZKAN. As the name suggests, the world-famous Bodrum Mandarin is also grown here. It has become an indispensable tradition for every vacationer to bring a bottle of Bodrum Tangerine Cologne as a gift when returning from vacation.

For a Bodrum holiday, those seeking tranquility should prefer spring and autumn. Bodrum is one of our hottest holiday resorts, with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius in the summer months. But if you plan your holiday in spring and autumn, you can complete your holiday beautifully at 25 degrees. It is a general misconception that Bodrum is a very expensive holiday destination. We can even say that these prices, which are even in the news, are valid for Türkbükü, which is actually the holiday place of celebrities. Because Türkbükü is a popular destination for celebrities compared to other holiday resorts in Bodrum and it is a town where there are more luxury restaurants and hotels, these high prices are normal. But for those who vacation in other resorts, this is definitely different. There are hotels, motels, hostels, villas and restaurants suitable for every budget. Conservative Hotels and Villas are also available in Bodrum for the guests who wish. For guests who want to visit the whole of Bodrum, you will need at least 4 days. With its magnificent bays and entertainment life that lasts until the morning, Bodrum meets the holiday needs of guests from all walks of life. Swimming in its magnificent bays, where you can see every shade of blue, is the dream of every guest. You can participate in fun-filled activities, and you can perform beautiful activities such as boat tours and water sports. Bodrum is full of shops where you can meet your every need. One of them is the gift shops. Shops for clothes, bags, glasses, handcrafted souvenirs, shoes and perfumes line the streets.

Bodrum is one of the oldest settlements with its history dating back to Antiquity. The old name of Bodrum is Halicarnassus. According to Herodotus, the first name that comes to mind when history is mentioned, Bodrum was founded by the DOR kingdom, and in time, LEGs, KARYAs and MEGARAs came to the region. MEGARAs named this place HALIKARNASSOS. Afterwards, it passed under the rule of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires in turn. During the Ottoman Empire, its name remained as HALIKARNASSOS, but after the proclamation of the Republic, its name was changed to Bodrum.

The most famous sightseeing places in Bodrum;

-Bodrum Castle

-Bodrum Underwater Archaeological Museum

-Bodrum Ancient Theatre

-Bodrum Mausoleion Open Air Museum

-Myndos Door

-Zeki Müren Museum

-Bodrum Deniz Müzesi

-Bodrum Windmills

-Pedasa Ancient City


-İçmeler Beach

-Alman Bay

-Tavşan Burnu Bay

-Gümbet Beach

-Bitez Beach

-Aspat Bay

-Kargı Bay (Camel Bay)

-Bodrum Yalıçiftlik Beach


-Kargıcık Bay

-Bardakçı Bay

-Orak Bay

-Kumbahçe Beach

-Bodrum Aquarium Bay

-Akyarlar Karaincir Beach

-Gümüşlük Beach

-Kadıkalesi Beach (Island Peksimet)

-Ortakent Beach

-Türkbükü Beach

-Paradise Bay

-Tilkicik Beach

-Torba Public Beach

-Küdür Beach

-Mazı Bay

-Kissebükü Bay

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