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World’s Most Visited Country: France

27 Dec, 2022

According to the data of the World Tourism Organization, with more than 82 million visitors, France is the most visited country in the world. The most visited cities are; the cities of Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Nice with the world-famous Eiffel Tower. Fashion, history and exactly 3427 kilometers of coast have been influential in the high interest of people in this country. These shores; It consists of the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel and the North Sea.



While half of the French population is Christian, approximately 40% do not belong to any religion, 5% are Muslims and the rest belong to other religions.

If you decide to live in a country with a socialist structure, you can have all the rights of a Frenchman. You will be no different from a local citizen in terms of education, health and other life rights.

Many businesses are closed between 12 noon and 2 pm. The French, who are fond of food, are on their lunch break during these hours. On Sundays, it is very difficult to find open shops. It would be better to get your work done during the week, as people reserve Sunday for themselves and their families.



-Nice Carnival

Nice Festival, which is one of the most important festivals in France, starts in the second week of February and lasts for two weeks. In the first part of the festival, giant figures are prepared for the theme determined every year and people’s attention is drawn on the streets. In the second part, light shows are performed, while in the last part, a parade decorated with colorful flowers is held.

-Le Mans

Giant car brands take part in this world-famous endurance race, which is usually held in June in the Le Mans region of France. The aim of this event, which has been held since 1923, is to cover the maximum distance in 24 hours and win various awards.

-Cannes Film Festival

This world-famous film festival, where you can see many Hollywood stars and awarded the Palme d’Or, is held every year in May. There is also an open-air cinema where classic films are shown during the festival week, where you can meet famous stars and directors not only during the festival but also on the streets.

Paris Fashion Week

It is held every year in January and September. Big brands introduce their new collections at this event, which should not be missed especially by fashion lovers.

-Menton Lemon Festival

Giant models of lemons are prepared at the festival held in Menton, one of the coastal cities of France, every year in February and March. Colorful citrus models, music and dance create a fun atmosphere in the streets.




If we ask what city comes to mind when you think of France, probably everyone will answer as Paris. We recommend you to add Paris, which is the most tourist-attracting city in France, to the beginning of your France travel route, thanks to the world-famous 324-meter-high magnificent Eiffel Tower, its historical texture, and luxury and modern life.



Ancient Roman and medieval architecture stands out in Marseille, one of the most famous port cities in France. There are cafes, small shops and shopping centers where you can buy souvenirs on the shore of the port. You can see small islands and historical castles slightly off the harbor, and if you wish, you can step into these historical islands with the boats organized here.

French Riviera

It is the region that covers the Mediterranean coastal cities of France. This region, which is mostly visited by celebrities, is one of the most touristic and expensive regions of France. In this region where coastal cities such as Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez are located, you can have a good time in the historical harbor texture, Mediterranean culture, beaches where you can swim, small local cafes & restaurants and shops.

Loire Valley

Loire Valley with its magnificent castles, historical mansions, picturesque landscapes and unique vineyards; It takes its visitors to a completely different land.

Don’t forget to add these fairy-tale castles and mansions built around the river during the Renaissance, with the tombs of famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, to your tour of France.


Located in the north of the country, on the border with Germany, this city has a multicultural structure. Strasbourg, bearing the traces of Europe’s gothic architecture; It is one of the cities that those who are interested in history and architecture should visit in France.





Colorful French cookies that appeal to the eye and the palate. We recommend you to try this flavor, which dates back to the Renaissance periods.


The French do not have a rich breakfast culture like we do. However, there are delicious and quick snacks available. One of the favorite snacks of the French is the croissant. This flavor, which is made with fresh dough in the shape of a crescent, is usually consumed with coffee.

-Steak Frites

You can taste this Steak Frites, which comes out of the delicious harmony of steak and french fries, in many restaurants in France.



Ratatouille, one of the popular French main dishes, is served by cooking vegetables such as eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes by blending them with various spices.


Famous for its appetizers besides main course and dessert, Pissaladière from French cuisine is another delicacy that you should try. The ingredients of this snack, which can be consumed hot or cold, are slightly thicker than normal pizza dough; It consists of anchovies, onions and olives and their trio.



Although the Mediterranean climate prevails in all seasons in the south of the country, if you plan to swim in the sea, you can choose the summer months. However, if you are planning a more romantic and quiet holiday, you should prefer the months of May and September when tourists are less.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to go to France without a visa. First of all, you need to get a French visa. If your visa and passport are ready, you can easily reach France from Turkiye by planes departing from Istanbul or Ankara.



With a population of approximately 67 million, France uses the GMT+1 time zone. The French Academy, which was established to protect the language of the French, who attach great importance to their culture and language, and to replace foreign words with French words, has been in existence since 1634. As you can imagine, the only official language in the country is French.

The currency used is the Euro, as in many European countries. Having world brands such as Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, Carrefour and Total, France is one of the most economically powerful countries in Europe.

Cities of art, history, fashion, education and tourism play a leading role in making France the most visited country in the world.



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